Goa University Professor’s Suicide Note Claims Family Issues Drove Him To Take Extreme Step

Vishal Chari
Professor Vishal Chari

The death by suicide of assistant professor of Goa University Vishal Chari has shocked the entire teaching and student community across the state. The police have recovered a ‘suicide note’ on his laptop from his vehicle which was found at the base of the hill. 

Professor Chari went missing on August 29 and subsequently a missing person complaint was launched at the Old Goa police station. A massive search operation was launched, and his car was later traced in Quepem, near Paroda. 

In his suicide note recovered, the police have stated that he has mentioned domestic disputes within his family at home. The professor’s body was found on September 10th, at an isolated location on Chadreshwar Parvat in Quepem. 

The professor, in an emotional suicide note, has cited certain family issues, including marriage problems. As per reports, there was a rift between him and his wife on certain grounds. 

Described to be a very humble person by all his colleagues, the professor began teaching at the university only this year, from April. Prior to this, he was a professor at a college in Margao. 


Having a Ph.D. degree, past work associates described him to be a very hard-working person, who always went out of the way to help other teachers, including students. He also was very interested in research fields and would provide support to others.  

In his suicide note, as per reports, he said, “Mom, I’m bored of life. I am taking this extreme decision.” He also thanked his parents and expressed his apologies for taking this drastic step. 

Professor Chari’s body was found atop the hill after a massive search operation was carried out by the Goa police, in assistance with local Quepem counterparts. Since some of the hilly areas were inaccessible, drone surveillance was also used in the search operations. 

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