Goa traffic cell uses the technology for real-time monitoring

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Traffic congestion in the rush hours is the regular scenario in Goa, especially on the major bridges in Goa. This is one of the major issues faced by the people of the state due to increase in a number of vehicles on the roads.

Entry and exit into the city are most time-consuming during the rush hours. Mandovi and Zuari bridges get nearly choked for hours together making the movement of the vehicle almost stagnant. To come over this situation traffic cell of Goa has come up with the unique idea of doing the real time monitoring of the traffic on the major bridges and junctions in Goa during the peak hours. This way they will be in a position to understand the cause of congestions and try to sort out the same.

According to the news reported by PTI, Goa police have started the real-time monitoring on the major junctions in Goa. “We have taken the new initiatives by implementing the available technology,” said the Superintendent of police, Suman Goyal from traffic cell. She also divulged that they have already set up a small traffic control room at the traffic headquarters at Altinho Goa to monitor the real-time movement of the vehicles on all important routes in Goa.

The major places which are coming under real time monitoring are both the bridges Mandovi in north and Zuari in the south, important junctions such as Miramar, Dona Paula, Malim and Merces coming under the real time monitoring.

“As and when the blockades gets discovered the immediate alerts are flashed to the concern police officers on the field and remedial measures have been taken in the least possible time. The sources revealed that this system was put into the implementation last month and it has helped into the traffic regulations during the peak hours. Presently the tourism season is on its peak and this system in the place will help a lot in regulating the traffic.


The sources have also revealed that the traffic police have activated the facebook page and they will keep updating it on a regular basis. It will help the people of Goa to get the instant updates on the traffic position in the particular locations in Goa. “We will keep posting all the important events on the facebook page,” she said.

Goa perhaps one of the best step taken by the traffic cell in Goa, the updates of traffic congestion will help many, especially in the case of emergency. Till the new bridges come up on Zuari and Mandovi rivers the traffic condition may prevail in the state.

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