Goa Tourism invites entries for Carnival Float Parades 2015

Panjim, Jan 30:   Setting  the  stage for  Goa  Carnaval  2015, Goa Tourism  has  invited  entries  for the  Carnival Float  parade 2015 commencing  from February 14, 2015.  The  float  parades   will be  held  at seven Centers  across the  State. These are  Panjim (Feb. 14), Margao (Feb. 15), Vasco, Curchorem, Shiroda (Feb. 16) and  Mapusa, Ponda (Feb. 17).  There  is  however a request for  change  in date  for the  float  parade in Ponda and the  Dept. of  Tourism will  decide  on this  shortly and  inform  the  general public, if  any changes  effected.

There  will be  six  categories  for the  float  parade which includes Traditional,  Club/Institution,  Family, Sponsored, Fun Junk and Clown/Joker. The Government has taken a decision that all floats participating in the parades will have to be pre-approved based on the designs and themes submitted by the participants. The Entry Forms together with the Terms and Conditions  are  available on the   websites  and  and can be downloaded  and  submitted to the   Department of Tourism, Panaji,  Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Panaji and  the respective Municipalities of the above Carnival Centres.

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To ensure quality  and  better  participation, rules  and  regulations  have been specified:

  • These include participation criteria for number of  participants and each  float has  to compulsorily    be accompanied  with  Participants in all floats of all categories must compulsorily wear carnival costumes.  Any participation with T-shirts, normal clothes, shirts with commercial logo, etc. will not be permitted.
  • The terms and conditions also state that height of the participating float should not exceed 14 feet from the ground.
  • No part of the float vehicle should be visible and should be fully decorated.  Equipment like generators on tow or in secondary vehicles should be fully camouflaged with carnival décor.
  • Carrying of animals and cruelty to animals is strictly prohibited.
  • Depicting of any religious scenes or deity, which could  hurt the  sentiments  of  any community / religion, is strictly prohibited.  Depicting of any political themes, figures personality or caricatures is also prohibited.
  • Performance of participants has to be continuous and throughout the route of the procession.  No offensive, vulgar, indecent or obscene display / exposure whatsoever either in dress or performance / action / gesture will be permitted.
  • No liquor / alcohol drinks / drugs should be served or consumed on the float during the parade.
  • Similarly, no lethal  weapons  will be permitted  to be  carried  on the  floats  during the   

The floats participating would be judged by a panel of jury appointed by GTDC and respective committees.  The result submitted by the Jury will be final. The assessment of the competing floats would be based on originality, costumes, performance, music, visual impacts so on. Every float will be screened before commencement of the parade at each centre by a Screening Committee appointed by GTDC to check the compliance to all rules.  Non-adherence to any of the conditions will disqualify the float for participation in the parade.

[su_highlight background=”#1c67eb” color=”#fafcfc”]The  float  parades in all the  seven  cities  will  begin at 4.00 pm.[/su_highlight]

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