Goa to get more relaxation in lockdown 5.0, but says no to interstate transport

Lockdown 5.0 in Goa New

With the implementation of Lockdown 5.0 aka the un-lockdown 1.0 Goa gave the assurance of lots of relaxations but said no to the interstate transport. There are things like reopening of Restaurants, Gymnasium, Malls and Religious places in the pipeline and possibilities of more cannot be ruled out. 

According to the reports, all the relaxations issued by the centre in their fifth phase of lockdown will be implemented in Goa besides the possibilities of easing more norms will be taken into the consideration with the time.  

The Chief Minister of Goa Mr Pramod Sawant told the media that some more relaxations may be announced in the evening. “The state has kept the outbreak of virus under control very effectively and all the cases are now of the people who have travelled into the state from other the other places,” said Mr Sawant adding that presently state has only 27 active cases.   

According to Mr Sawant the people who traveled from the other states were tested positive and all these cases were imported from the outside. “They tested positive after arriving here. There is no community transmission of the virus in Goa,” he added.


At the moment Goa is the only state that has no cases within the state and all of them have travelled to Goa from outside and there is not a single case of community transfer that makes Goa the safest place and relaxations in the lockdown becomes mandatory. 

Goa needs a major boost in the business since the closure of mining the revenue of the state had gone down substantially and now due to the lockdown, the hospitality industry was also got affected severely. 

According to the CM, the reverse migration of the labourers will break the backbone of the state as it will affect all the major industries in the state. “Around 87,000 migrant labourers leaving the state amid the lockdown would affect the several sectors,” said Mr Sawant adding that it is the time for Goans to take up some work that is feasible for them.  

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