Goa Temple Priest is Accused of Molesting Two Mumbai Based Goan Girls

The temple priest allegedly molested two Goan girls from Mumbai on two different occasions in the temple premises but the managing committee of the temple says that no prima facie pieces of evidence have been established and asked the victim girls to approach the appropriate authorities with their grievances.   

It Looks like even the temples have become an unsafe place for the women in our country? We cannot meet the God and that’s why we have our religious teachers, a priest who guides us on the way of God. But what happens when this priest whom we trust so much and bow in respect turns into a lustful monster? Can we trust them anymore?

The shocking incident of temple priest molesting two young Goan girls from Mumbai while they were on their visit to the famous Mangueshi temple in Ponda. According to MSN News  A religious priest allegedly molested two young women from Goa and presently staying in Mumbai on two different occasions in the Mangueshi Temple premises.

The incidents took place last month in the most pilgrimaged temple of Goa, came into the light this month following the victims wrote a letter to the temple association stating about the incident.


In a letter written by one of the victims to the temple committee, it is narrated that, a Goan origin woman who stays in Mumbai came down to visit the temple with her parents. The incident took place on June 14 wherein the victim wrote that she was hugged and kissed by the temple priest. The victim alleged that she was stopped from following her parents into the inner sanctum by the priest. After a brief conversation, when she bent down to touch his feet as a mark of respect, the priest allegedly grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her towards him, she complained

“His grip was so tight, I was not able to move…before I could even understand what he was trying to do he tried to kiss me and managed to kiss me on my cheek…In a sacred space, and from a sagacious person like a Purohit, the last thing you expect is a sexual attack,” she wrote.

The second incident took place on June 22 when another Goan origin girl who is studying medicine in the US came with her parents was allegedly sexually assaulted by the religious priest near the locker area. She wrote in the letter that she was inappropriately touched and kissed on the cheek which made her uncomfortable and scared. She said she was “traumatized and repulsed” by such conduct.

Both of the women pointed out to get further evidence from the CCTV footage installed in the temple premises. They wrote the letter when they left Goa and were able to tell their parents only when they reached Mumbai.

After receiving the letter, Anil Kenre the secretary of the temple management, Shree Manguesh Devasthan called for an ‘ emergency meeting’ on July 4 in the temple to discuss the matter. The Secretary replied to the victims and said that preliminary interrogation will be initiated. The response read “During the inquiry, the committee could not lay its hand on any dependable evidence to establish a prima facie case”

He closed the matter saying that “Let’s just say the matter is sub judice. We don’t have anything to say.” He restrained from commenting further and said that till now no actions are taken against the priest until they get proper evidence. The committee advised the girls to report the incident to the appropriate authorities so that the investigation is taken further.

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