Panjim, Jan 21: Grape  Escapade  2015 – The  biggest  of world  renowned wine  festivals held in India  is  set to encapsulate the  spirit   of  Goa  and Goan lifestyle  from January 23 – January 26, 2015. Organized  since  2005,  the  Grape Escapade 2015 is  set  to  be the  best edition this  year with  wines,  haute cuisine  and an entertainment extravaganza that  will    add glamour to the proceedings. The festival is being organized by Goa Tourism at the D. B. Bandodkar Grounds, Campal, and Panjim.

The  first  day’s  program on January 23, 2015  is the  inauguration  of the  Grape  Escapade  2015 at 7.00 pm   at the  D B Bandodkar Ground Campal, Panjim, Goa by Mr. Kewal Sharma IAS Chief Secretary and in presence of other senior Officials from Goa Tourism and State Administration.

[su_frame]One of the largest lifestyle fests, featuring food, wines and everything Goan,  is  all set to be held at Panjim from January 23-26[/su_frame]

[su_highlight background=”#ebd81c” color=”#fafcfc”]January 23, 2015: – 6.45 pm:  Dance performance  by Darren and  Raquel  – 7.15 pm: Duet  and solo   performance  – 8.30 pm:   Crimson Tide. [/su_highlight]

[su_highlight background=”#e61ceb” color=”#fafcfc”]January  24, 2015: –  6.00 pm: Duet performance   – 7.00 pm:  Bollywood   and Goan folk  dance  performance   – 7.30 pm: Fashion Show  -8.15 pm: A  live band [/su_highlight]

[su_highlight background=”#42eb1c” color=”#fafcfc”]January  25, 2015:  – 6.15 pm: Duet/solo performance.  – 7.15 pm: Bollywood  dance performance  (The  Ace) dance   Co.  – 7.35 pm: The  Grape  Escapade  Queen  contest . – 8.30  pm onwards: The  Grape  Stomping   and live  Band  ( Alcatraz).[/su_highlight]

[su_highlight background=”#1c67eb” color=”#fafcfc”]January  26, 2015:  –  5.15 pm:  Wine  Tasting Sessions. – 6.15 pm: Kingfisher  Voice  of  Goa/Lui live  and solo/Joe/singers   of  Anathashram. – 8.00 pm: African acrobats. – 8.15 pm: Live band and dance troupe (Carlos and Friends)  with  Varun Carvalho   in  attendance.[/su_highlight]


The Grape Stomping, which is a tradition at the festival, is a source of much delight and fun for the visitors and is an intrinsic part of the festival this year as well. Goa Tourism  is  expecting  an overwhelming  response of participants  from the trade and industry to the  festival this  year  as  well. Goa Tourism is  expecting  an increase in B2B participants  between  wineries, hoteliers and restaurants  as  Grape  Escapade  provides a platform  for business and trade partnerships at every edition organized  during the last one decade. Exclusive wine tasting sessions will be conducted on all four days for invitees and wine connoisseurs. Attractive discounts are also levied upon purchases by visitors to the festival.

[su_frame]Crowning of the Grape Escapade Queen 2015 is also a key highlight of the four day festivities and will be held on January 26, 2015.[/su_frame]

Some  of the  leading  wineries   participating in the  Grape  Escapade  include  SDU Winery-Deva Wines, Four  Seasons,  Fratelli Wines, Charosa, Mercury Winery Pvt Ltd. (Aryaa Wines),  Ocean  King  Distillers,  Big  Banyan, Sula Vineyards , Indus  Vineyards,  Pheonix Alcobevz,  Good Drop Wine, Myra Vineyards, Grover Zampa Vineyards, The Tonia Group and   Santanse Wines.

Among the  Hotels  participating  include Acacia  Luxury  Hotels,  Elliots – Majorda, Hungry Hatz Grill, O’Coqueiro Hotels, Kudos, Janet &  Johns,  M/S  Flying Dolphin Beachside Café &  Bar  with Tapas, Destination One, Mughlai Munch, Off The  Wall, Anand Ashram, Flavours24, Chicken Man Restaurant,  Vasquito’s, Firangi Nawab, The  Chocolate  Man’s  Production, Geoffrey Fernnandes, Sandwich   King and  Goa  Culture  Guild.


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