Goa Science Centre

Goa Science Centre has been developed as a place of edu-tainment in Science & Technology. Main objective of the centre is to inculcate a scientific temper and bring the excitement of science to the common public. It provides a perfect environment for exploring science through hands-on, sci-fi exhibits. Most of the exhibits in Science Centre are participatory and self-explanatory. Visitors can operate, handle or manipulate the exhibits themselves and see exciting effects or things happening in front of their eyes. This centre is a fun-filled, entertaining picnic place for entire family and one of the latest Tourist attraction of Goa and a place to learn science in a non formal way for the students. Goa Science Centre is a constituent unit of National Council of Science Museums functioning under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and has been developed with collaborative support from the Govt of Goa.

Goa Science Centre also has other facilities such as a well-equipped 140 seater Auditorium, Cyberlab etc. with ample parking space, Cafeteria and other facilities. Exciting Science shows Science Film Shows, Sky Observation Programmes and variety of special programmes and activities in Science & Technology suitable for all age groups are organized regularly. Other programmes include popular science lectures, Science Seminars, Workshops & Training Programmes, Computer Awareness programmes for housewives & Senior citizens, Temporary Exhibitions on the subjects of contemporary importance are regularly held at the centre to bring latest information on the subjects.


A state of the art Digital Planetarium has been opened recently at Goa Science Centre. Planetarium is a facility for presenting educational and entertaining shows on celestial wonders and the magic of night sky, capturing the beauty and magnificence of celestial objects and phenomena. A dominant feature of most planetariums is a dome-shaped projection screen onto which scenes of stars, planets and other celestial objects can be made to appear and move realistically to simulate the complex Motions of the Heavens. The celestial scenes can be created using a wide variety of technologies. The Goa Planetarium is one of the newest generation of planetariums which uses full dome projection technology. The 8m dia planetarium has a seating capacity of 53 and daily 4 shows are held for the public.

The Science Park spread in 4 acres of land with lush garden, has large exhibits and play things which provide means to experience and explore science while playing with them. A Prehistoric Animal Corner with large size models of dinosaurs provides information on these extinct gigantic animals.

Goa Science Centre has a unique facility of 3D theatre with High definition projection system and Dolby digital sound. Exciting 3-D Film Shows are conducted daily in this theater for the visiting public. Visitors can see thrilling 3-D effects and out of the world immersive experience in which the near realistic objects appear to come out of the screen right in front of their eyes. Presently the film titled “Dinasours: Gaints of Patagonia” is screened and everyday 4 shows are conducted.

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