Goa roads are not sufficient enough to handle 1 million vehicles

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This claim is made by the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic Cell, Dharmesh Angle. According to him, the Goan roads and infrastructure are not keeping pace with the increase in a number of vehicles which is ballooned up to over 1 million. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This information is based on the excerpts of the interview of Dharmesh Angle, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic Cell, taken by Heraldo reporter Bansuri Desai. According to Mr. Angle, the vehicular traffic of Goa is growing rapidly and the numbers of vehicles have touched to the mark of 11.50 lakh which is the major hurdle in the smooth flow of traffic.

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According to him, besides the existing vehicles in Goa, the flow of tourists that is entering into the state causes an excessive burden on the insufficient infrastructure of the state. The Deputy Superintendent also claimed that these are the main reason behind an increasing in the number of accidents in the state of Goa. “Though the fact is that the main reason of accidents is rash and negligent driving on the roads, we should also consider that the width of the road has not been increased for years,” Angle said.

Mr. Angle said that there are existing 11.50 lakh vehicles registered with transport department are already on the roads and another 70 to 80 thousand vehicles that come from outside states adds up to the burden. “The huge number of vehicles causes dense traffic making people impatient and that is the reason people tend to increase the speed causing the accidents,” said Mr. Angle.


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According to Mr. Angle, the public transport system in the state is not established up to the mark which forces people to take their own vehicle out to reach to their respective destinations. Mr. Angle feels that every person and agency is responsible for the increase in accidents, beginning with the person buying the vehicle who has the responsibility to drive or ride carefully. “The main problem in Goa is of infrastructure development. To cater to such huge amounts of traffic we need wider roads. Every few years we have to keep increasing the number of lanes,” Angle said.

Angle also stressed on the need of electronic signals and cameras with centralized control room to handle the ever growing traffic. “Most importantly what we need is a civic sense among the people. For example, people are now wearing helmets but only because the traffic police are imposing fines for not wearing helmets, but the situation will improve only when people will use helmets for their safety,” Angle said.

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According to Angle, police carry out their duty diligently by visiting the accident spots in an attempt to understand the reason behind the accident and to propose the remedial measures. Angle also alleged that the traffic cell’s proposal to install cameras at 205 locations, traffic signals at 53 locations, pedestrian signals at 20 locations and warning blinkers at 73 locations is pending before the government.

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Over and above, traffic department has made it clear that they are not at the fault and it is the job of every person to take care of themselves and ride or drive safely. The government was also held responsible partially in this by the department due to lack of facilities and infrastructure in the state. What do you feel? Do you think that government needs to develop the infrastructure or people need to learn to follow the traffic rules properly? What about all those young guys who ride in a reckless manner on the roads? Who is responsible for their acts? Parents, Police or Government? Please leave your honest comments on this very serious issue at the end of this news article.




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