Goa reports 40 New cases of COVID-19 out of which 32 are from within the Containment Zone alone

More Coronavirus cases in Goa
More Coronavirus cases reported in Goa (Image for representational purpose)

The case of COVID-19 has been kept on rising in the state with more cases coming up every day. Goa has reported 40 more cases of coronavirus infection on Thursday out which 32 comes from the containment zone alone. The containment zone has become a major source of all the cases that are getting reported in the state. 

Goa once declared as the green zone is now facing a major spike of raising COVID-19 cases and all this begun from the Mongor Hill situated in the port city of Goa known as Vasco da Gama. According to the reports, 40 new cases of infection has been detected in Goa out of which 32 comes from the Containment Zone. 

Despite rising cases in the state the CM still did not call it the community transfer, according to another update from Vasco da Gama, a couple of post office staffs from the Vasco Main Post office have been tested positive for the Coronavirus, and surprisingly one of them comes from the containment zone which is a clear indication of the community transmission.   

Out of the 40 new cases, 32 were within the containment zone at the Mangor Hill locality of Goa’s port town of Vasco da Gama while eight were among those entering the state from Maharashtra. The new cases have taken Goa’s Covid-19 tally to 166 including 109 active ones.

The state administration has begun massive testing in the containment zone from Monday and since then it has been reporting more cases on daily basis. “On the first day we collected 200 swabs of which 42 were positive. Yesterday we collected 353 swabs of which 32 are positive. So the number of tests is increasing but the number of positive cases is decreasing. Once we have the results of the 400 swabs we have collected today we will get a clearer picture,” Health Secretary Nila Mohanan said.


The state government has increased the testing facility for the people entering into the state. According to the reports, Goa is now testing more than 1,000 people daily and the capacity is expected to double over the coming days.

Meanwhile the opposition Congress party has warned the state government to not to take the COVID-19 outbreak in containment zone lightly. The congress spokesperson Mr Trajano D’mello told the media that The outbreak of COVID-19 at a containment zone in Goa’s Vasco town should not be taken lightly and the entire town should be sealed. 

“The chief minister is in denial, that it is not a community transmission but only a local transmission. Such a statement from the chief minister when the link of contact history is not yet established is confusing and therefore, things cannot be taken lightly,” he said. 

As mentioned earlier in the news updates by the Goa Prism team the first family that was tested positive in the containment zone belongs to the fisherman community. “That person is from is in the fish fertilizer business and he recently came in contact with fish trucks bringing consignments from Karnataka,” said Mr D’mello. 

According to the reports, the staff working on the Goa Karnataka border and who have come into contact with the infected person are at the risk of getting the virus. “His contacts have not yet been established. In such a situation, the staff working at the state border for last so many days on different shifts will have to be screened and immediately put under home quarantine till the tests with results are completed,” he added.  

According to Mr D’mello most of the people from Mangor Hill area the workers or labourers who go around anywhere for work and that can lead to a community transfer and hence a stringent precautionary measure, it is suggested that the entire Vasco town be sealed, he said. 

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