Goa Records the highest 60 new cases of COVID-19 in a day

60 New cases of Covid-19 in Goa

With the record 60 new cases in the state in a day shot Goa’s active tally to 454. This is considered to be the highest surge in the Coronavirus cases in Goa in a single day. According to the reports, 26 of these 60 cases are from the Mangor Hill and rest are either or indirectly connected to containment zone. 

Goa’s COVID positive tally is growing rapidly more cities and villages in the state being added on a daily basis. Following the Mangor Hill now the second contentment zone has been established in the state and place like Chimbel which is densely populated have recorded 3 cases. 

According to the reports, Goa recorded its biggest daily spike in coronavirus cases yet, as 60 more persons tested positive, taking the state’s active cases to 454, Health Secretary Nila Mohanan said on Saturday.

Ms Mohanan said that 26 out of the 60 are from the containment zone of Mongor Hill situated in Vasco Da Gama. “One person is critical. He suffered a heart attack and suffers from a lung ailment. He is currently on the ventilator at the Covid hospital,” Mohanan said.

it may be also recalled that the report published in Goa Prism earlier mentioned about the formation of new contentment zone at Ghodemol in Sattari after a sudden spike of the COVID-19 cases. 

Meanwhile, a big surge of the COVID positive cases have been recorded at the Urban Health Centre in Vasco wherein 24 out of the 34 staff were tested positive for Coronavirus decease.

According to the reports, most of the staff found positive for the Coronavirus at the health centre in Vasco were earlier deployed at the Mangor Hill area. Following the news, all the testing staff at Mangor Hill were replaced with the new team. 

According to the sources all then cases that have been detected in various towns across the state are connected to the Mangor Hill. 

A security guard who worked at the UHC in Vasco, in turn, infected three members of his family and five others in the neighbourhood, forcing the authorities to demarcate a zone of restricted movement.

At Morlem in Sattari, a village on the eastern frontier with Karnataka and deep within the Western Ghats, 15 persons have contracted the disease that can all be traced to a couple of workers from the village who were posted at the said health centre.

“Various active cases are of people who are working at the Urban Health Centre in Vasco but were from various parts of Goa. Now all of them (health workers) are being put up in hotels and residencies. We are equally concerned as from them it has gone to others across the state. We are trying to mitigate that and see that it doesn’t happen again,” Health Secretary Nila Mohanan said.

The above things show a lack of management capabilities of the concerned authorises and department as the matter could have been in control and the cases would not have spread across the state if at all proper measures were taken earlier by keeping the health workers under the check and not allowing them to travel during the pandemic. 

In the meantime the health minister of Goa Mr Vishwajit Rane is working on the mass testing of the people where the cases of Covid-19 has showed up. “I have written to Secretary Health instructing that we need to conduct the mass/random testing in all the areas where we have a positive case. Our team will ensure such testing is carried out. If required, based on the number of cases, we will declare the said ward as a containment zone,” Rane added.

The security guard working at GMC who was tested positive, his family was sent for testing and kept under quarantine until their results come out said, Mr Rane. Besides health workers, five drivers of the Kadamba Transport Corporation, the state-owned bus service and four postal workers at the Vasco Post Office, have also tested positive.

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