Goa Police To Probe Into Swapnil Walke Murder Case From Three Angles

Swapnil Naik Murder Case
The Crime Scene of Swapnil Walke Murder Case

A week has advanced since the murder of Margao based goldsmith Swapnil Walke at his jewelry shop, Krishni Jewellers, and as days progress, new facts and information surface about this case. Goa Police have formed 3 teams to enable a fair investigation.   

After the four accused involved in the case were arrested – three with previous criminal police records against them – it had come to light that the murder was a pre-planned hatch, plotted nearly six months ago, only executed now considering the unlock across the state. 

Though robbery was considered as the prime motive initially, police officials will also be looking into other angles. As per reports, robbery, stolen gold, and supari killing are the three angles the state’s police will be investigating into the case. 

Though nothing was reported to be stolen from the shop at the time of the crime, it has been revealed that two accused were previously involved in gold thefts in the Anjuna area. From this case, just a part of the stolen gold has been recovered, and not all of it. 


Investigations will also look into if the accused were trying to sell the stolen gold through local jewelers in the commercial city. 

Yesterday, Director General of Police (DGP), Mukesh Kumar Meena had a meeting with senior police officials and reviewed the investigation progress into the case. 

Additionally, three teams have been constituted to probe three different angles – robbery, stolen gold, and supari killing – all headed by a senior police officer. 

These different teams have been constituted so that all the angles can be meticulously probed and all viewpoints are being looked into fairly by the investigating agency. 

While one team includes the investigating officer from Crime branch PI CL Patil, the other team is from the North Goa police, while the third is from South Goa police. 

There have been several queries as to what angle the police have been probing, as officials have been tight-lipped about the progress of the case so far. However, after a week of the incident, it is certain that the police are not just looking into one, but all possible angles – now three – into a fair and rational manner.  

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