Goa Police Nabbed The “Nude Party Poster” Accused from Delhi

Recently the news of Nude Party went viral on the social media but the person who posted that advertisement on the social media was untraceable, the phone number given by him was not reachable and people started calling it fake news but finally the Goa Police managed to nab the accused from Delhi.

According to the reports, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Saturday informed that the police have arrested the accused who circulated a poster advertising a nude party in Goa, over social media platforms. The Crime Branch of Goa Police team had earlier left for Bihar to nab the accused who had originally circulated the poster from Delhi and then moved to Bihar.

The cops informed that once the accused is brought to Goa, the motive behind circulating the poster would be known, whether a nude party was planned intentionally, or with an intention to tarnish the image of the State.

One police officer also stated that when the number given on the poster was at first switched off, but was later activated and thus the police were able to obtain the details about the accused.


Last week, two racy posters circulating on Social media since Monday morning, advertising a “nude” party involving foreign and Indian women and promising “unlimited sex” near Morjim Beach in North Goa, has led to a police investigation.

According to Police Sources, the probe was ordered by the Chief Minister’s Office after the poster went viral on Social media

The two posters are canvassing for “unlimited sex style and class with luxury and comfort”, while offering “15 to 20 Foreigner Girls and 10 plus Indians”.

It also advertises “skinny dipping” and unlimited food and liquor to accompany “unlimited sex”. Netizens expressed their disgust over the poster.

Deputy Chief Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar, who also holds the tourism portfolio in the State, said the poster appeared fake and if such parties are being organized in Goa the government will take strict action against such people.

Ports Minister, Michael Lobo stated that the poster could have been downloaded from the internet and edited to show Goa as a party capital along with the intention of portraying the State in a negative manner. Meanwhile, World Tourism Day was celebrated last week and on the occasion, people from different spheres in the State came together to appeal to the government to formulate a favorable tourism policy as well as stop the worrying trend of sex tourism that is on the rise.

The Goa Women’s Forum held a protest on Friday calling for a stop to the increasing trend of sex tourism being promoted in the State especially on online forums. GWF Convener, Lorna Fernandes stated that panchayats and municipalities have been requested to pass a resolution to this effect. 

She said that the situation was so bad that when goan women went on the beach r any public place, they were openly asked by Indian tourists whether they are ‘available’. She further pointed out that websites openly promote popular places for sex tourism. “This has to stop but our demands are not being heeded. We have approached panchayats and municipalities in the State asking to create awareness on the issue.”

The GWF forum has also demanded that the cyber cell of the Police Department to take the initiative of putting a stop to websites that promote sex tourism in the State.

The leader of Opposition, Digambar Kamat has also requested the government to come up with a sustainable tourism policy that would help promote Goa as a tourist destination preserving its natural habitat, culture, and traditions.

“It is the need of the hour that Goa government finalizes is long pending tourism policy and notifies the same along with the tourism master plan. The government should also take proactive steps to boost the tourism industry in Goa.

Kamat also suggested that the state should act as an intermediary to local tourism stakeholders and take steps to ensure that their morale is kept high at all times.

He further said shack operators, hoteliers, travel agents, taxi operators, and other adventure sports operators must be provided with all the possible support and assistance from the state as well as central government schemes.

While one hopes that with the nabbing of the accused the true motive behind the poster will be brought to light, the state government should also deal with this in a strict manner so as to avoid such happenings in the future.

Such advertisements only go to tarnish the image of the State as well as its inhabitants.

Source: TOI | NT 

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