Goa Police arrested one suspect in Bangalore in Monika Ghurde Murder case

The Monika Ghurde case which is getting to closer to getting solved as the culprits have been already tracked down by the Goa police and in this exercise, police have already arrested one accused named Rajkumar Singh from Bangalore today. The arrested suspect is one of the two suspects who was caught on the CCTV camera of Porvorim ATM withdrawing the money from Monika’s account. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]Based on the earlier report published by Goa Prism on the Monika Ghurde Murder Case the suspects have been identified by Goa Police while withdrawing the money from the account of Monika at Porvorim ATM. Their images have been captured by the CCTV camera installed at ATM. The suspects later moved to Mangalore and then Bengaluru and did the withdrawal of cash from various ATMs. The accused also used the credit card of Monika to make the payment of hotel rooms.

According to the sources. the accused identified as Rajkumar Singh was arrested by the Goa police in Bangalore today afternoon. The accused is suspected to be instrumental in the Monika Ghurde’s murder was staying in Hotel at Bangalore. Police managed to track down the accused  through the credit card transaction done by him to check into the hotel. The accused was using the credit card of Monika all these while from Goa to Mangalore and finally at Bangalore.

According to the Goa Police sources, that were following the accused from Goa to Mangalore where he managed to escape but finally got caught at Bangalore. The police sources have informed that the accused Rajkumar Singh is a resident of Bhatinda in Punjab and he was working as a watchman in the building where Monika Ghurde was staying but later on Rajkumar was sacked after Monika lodged a complaint against him with the society.

Monika Ghurde, whose naked body was found laying on the bed with her hands tied up to the bed posts two days ago and the police suspected the involvement of some known people in this case. The police have managed to release the exclusive images of the suspect who was absconding for past two days and finally one of them was grabbed by police in Bangalore.


The suspect after withdrawing the money from the ATM at Porvorim around 3km from the crime scene moved to Mangalore and later to Bangalore, said the sources. The accused was traced by Goa Police with the help of Mangalore and Bangalore police. The task of police became easier since the accused was using the credit card of Monika Ghurde all the while. When the Goa police reached Mangalore he managed to escape from their clutches, said the sources. But later while checking in to the hotel in Bangalore his clear image was captured by the CCTV camera the helped the police to reach to him easily.

Another thing that helped police tracking the accused was the cellphone of Monika Ghurde which accused was carrying with him and he was using it occasionally in last two days. The police managed to track the exact location of the accused with the help of cell phone said the sources. Now as far as the motive behind the murder is concerned the sources have informed that the complained by Monika due to which he lost his job could be the most valid motive behind the murder.

According to the reports, on the night when Monika was brutally murdered the accused managed to get the access into her apartment following to which he committed the crime, claimed the sources. According to reports, although the post-mortem report did not confirmed the rape but looking at the situation the way her body was found the possibility of rape cannot be ruled out but until it is proven medically it is the case of murder and robbery.



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