Goa Opens The State Borders, No COVID-19 Negative Report Required To Enter State Anymore

Goa Opens Borders
The restrictions on Goa Border Relaxed in Unlockdown 4.0

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant saying that no COVID-19 negative certificate is needed anymore to enter the state, said that the state has relaxed all kinds of relaxations on entry, and those traveling to the state would no longer be tested for COVID-19.

This decision comes after the recent guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs as part of the Unlock 4.0. The order states that no restrictions should be placed on inter-state and intra-state travel of people and goods. This means, no separate permission or approval, e-permit will be required for such movements.

Goa had systematic guidelines in place prior to this, which mandated a compulsory COVID-19 negative certificate from persons entering the state, through borders, or even at the airport. This however won’t be followed as per the central guidelines.

Pramod Sawant also said that all these instructions issued by the MHA will be followed, adding that, acting in line with the said guidelines, there will no longer be covid tests, restrictions on inter-state movement, COVID-19 negative certificate, or home isolation for those traveling to Goa.

Soon thereafter, Goa Airport also tweeted on similar lines, stating that no more COVID-19 negative report will be required for domestic travelers.


The state also allowed the opening of bars from today, September 1, with all safety norms mandated to be followed by everyone visiting.

Recently, locals from the neighbouring district of Karwar protested against Goa governments’ compulsory covid testing upon entry, as many claim the state was violating the central guidelines of free travel of persons between states.

These new unlock guidelines come at a time when the state has been witnessing a troubling trend – with the continuous surge in coronavirus cases – spread across the state. Further relaxation at the borders only means the travel of people goes unrestricted and those entering will not be monitored for if they are positive.

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