Goa Ministers want Section 144 to continue even after the lockdown gets over

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi enforced the 21 days lockdown on the nation due to the coronavirus crises bringing entire business to a standstill. Goa despite not having a single case was made a part of lockdown. The health minister of Goa had also invoked section 144 restricting the movement and public gatherings prior to the national lockdown which now he wants to continue further even after the national lockdown gets over. 

While speaking to one of the national media channel the health minster Vishwajit Rane said that he is not in the ‘Mood’ to revoke the section 144 in the state of Goa even after the national lockdown is lifted by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

According to the report published by India TV News, most ministers in Goa have urged Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Wednesday to continue with prohibitory orders until the coronavirus threat ended, even as several other ministerial colleagues called for the extension of the 21-day lockdown by a few more days.     

Speaking to reporters after a Cabinet meeting at the State Secretariat, the ministers unanimously said that the Goa government would eventually go by the decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi once the 21-day lockdown ends on April 14.     


“I have put my view that Section 144 (of the Criminal Procedure Code) should be in place till COVID-19 threat is resolved. We support the Chief Minister about whatever decision he takes. We are all firm that the lockdown should continue,” Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said.

Micheal Lobo, the minster for Ports told media that he is of the opinion that the extension of lockdown should continue for another 15 days along with the order of prohibition that bans the assembly of four or more people.       

“Even after the extended lockdown ends, social distancing will have to be maintained for another six months. Section 144 should continue at the same time, even after the lockdown ends,” Lobo said.      

The Minister also said that the government has to consider re-opening the tourism industry after the lockdown, with proper protocols in place, because it was the primary bread-earner for Goa people. “Tourism is our only bread and butter. Right now, we do not have any bread, forget butter,” Lobo said.

Meanwhile, CM Pramod Sawant said that his recommendations to the Prime Minster’s Office will based on the views put forth by his cabinet colleagues. Whatever may be the outcome one thing is sure that Goa will not get back into the normal mode so soon since Tourism is a major industry of Goa which is completely dependent on the flow of tourists coming down from all over the word and that will remain closed till the coronavirus scare does not get over. Please do share your views on this!     

Source: TOI 

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