Goa IGP took the bribe of Rs. 5.50 Lakh from me to get the FIR registered alleged the complainant


Police demanding and taking bribes for the settling the matter is not the new story anymore. Paying rupees hundreds and evading the traffic violations is an affair of a day. According to available information every case and crime has one set price tag in the police stations. The word corruption is very common today. Here in this case the senior most police officer has allegedly took the bribe of Rs. 5.50 lakh from the complainant for registering the FIR in the genuine cheating case. The complainant made more shocking revelations. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]According to the allegations made by one Vasco-based businessman Munnalal Halwai, the IGP (Inspector General of Police) Goa police Mr. Sunil Garg took the bribe of rupees 5.50 lakh in installments on the assurance of the registration of a complaint (FIR) at Ponda police station in the cheating case. According to the complainant Munnalal, he has been cheated by the person from Ponda to the tune of rupees 1.5 crores and to lodge the complaint of the same he approached the Ponda Police Station.

“I approached the Ponda Police station to register by genuine case of cheating. But the Ponda police had shown reluctance in registering the FIR against the accused since the accused is highly influential person in Ponda. “Since the Ponda police did not register my FIR I approached the IGP Mr. Sunil Garg with my grievances,” said Mr. Halwai adding that “however to my shock the IGP Mr. garg had demanded 10% of the rupees 1.15 crore which was working out to be Rs. 11 lakhs but after the negotiations he finally settled for Rs. 5 Lakhs.”

According to Mr. Halwai he paid Mr. Garg total Rs. 5.5 Lakhs in installments as agreed between them. “The IGP had assured to issue the necessary directions to the Ponda police station upon the receipt of demanded amount. I was forced by the IGP Goa to pay him 5 lakh rupees to register my genuine case with Ponda police station,” said Halwai. Mr. Halwai further stated that he paid the said amount in three installments to the IGP. “The amount was paid by me to the IGP on three occasions. “The final installment of rupees 2.5 lakh I paid him in the month of September 2015. After receiving the entire amount of Rs. 5 lakh the IGP directed the Ponda Police station and they registered the FIR against the accused under section 420. (Complaint number 251/15 dated 1.10.2015)

According to Mr. Halwai the story of extracting the money does not end here. “I had to pay additional Rs. 50,000 to IGP, which I paid him right in his chamber and I have the necessary evidences to my claims and the same can be produced when time comes,” said Mr. Halwai. He also claimed of having the recording of the entire conversation of bribe in the chamber of IGP where he alleged to hand over the cash to the senior police official. “While handing over the additional amount of Rs. 50000 to IGP in his chamber I managed to get the entire conversation recorded on my recorder by taking a great risk.” According to Halwai the IGP told him that he took five lakh only to register the FIR and not to recover the money.

Halwai made all the allegations on the local cable TV channel after he realized that he got cheated further in this case and this time by the lawmakers itself. “Even after paying the total amount of Rs. 5.50 lakhs no action is been taken by the Ponda police in the case of cheating hence on the further direction of IGP the case had been transferred to crime branch for the further investigations,” said Halwai.

The local cable TV channel has claimed that they tried to get in touch with IGP Garg but he did not respond to the phone calls. Later they managed to get in touch with the DGP Muktesh Chandar over the phone but he said that he did not receive any complaint in this matter and as soon as he gets it the necessary action will be initiated.

The above case is the burning example of the high level of corruption that has been spread in the police system. If the top officials start demanding the bribe to get the complaint registered then who will save the common man from the criminals? Please leave your comments on this serious issue.

Source: Prudent TV  



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