Goa Government Extends the Due Dates of Electricity Bills till May

The state government is trying its best to provide as much relief as possible to the people of Goa during the period of the COVID 19 lockdown. In one of the recent development, the state government has decided to provide relief to residential and business houses in electricity bill payment. Now the due dates of all the electricity bills will be extended upto May without any additional penalty.

According to the reports, The due dates of electricity bills have been extended to May 20 for all low tension consumers and May 15 for all high tension consumers with no delayed payment charges.

The decision in this regards had been taken by the Electricity Department to provide relief to the people during the lockdown period. 

The electricity bills generated and issued to consumers during the lockdown period will now get some relief.


For all low-tension consumers whose bill due dates fall within the lockdown period, the due date has been extended up to May 20.

Similarly, the due date for payment of electricity bills generated and issued to all HT consumers in the month of April has been extended to May 15.

“No Delayed Payment Charges (DPC) will be levied on the unpaid amount of the electricity bills of consumers if the Electricity bills are paid within the extended due dates,” stated chief electrical engineer Raghuvir Keni.

Source: TOI

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