In one of the recent development that took place in the state, Dona Paula based Manipal Hospitals have been dropped by the Goa government from the list of hospitals that are eligible to treat the patients under DDSSY scheme. This lead to chaos amongst the patients already admitted to the hospital and undergoing treatment. On Saturday the Hospital completely refused to treat all the patients admitted under DDSSY scheme….

You must have heard the regular announcements on the local radio about the implementation of the DDSSY (Din Dayal Swastha Suraksha Yojana) scheme wherein the patients can avail all sorts of medical facilities from any of the listed hospitals in Goa without paying any amount as the amount gets reimbursed by the government under this medical health scheme.

According to the reports, in one of the important decision taken by the health department of Goa Government, the services of DDSSY facilities have been suspended at Manipal Hospitals, Dona Paula, and due to this sudden decision, the hospital has refused to treat the patients who have been admitted in the hospital.

The sources said that the hospital authorities refused to treat the patients on Saturday saying that their hospital is no more under the DDSSY scheme, and hence they will not be able to carry on further treatment on the already admitted patients putting them in the big mess.

One of the patients told the media that before taking the decision, the government should have made alternate arrangements for this patients. “Today, suddenly hospital told us that they cannot carry on the treatment under the DDSSY Scheme anymore as their DDSSY facilities have been suspended by the government,” said one of the patient.

The reports say that this decision has been taken due to the complaints from some patients about the services offered by the hospital. “The government should not take such sudden decision based on the few complaints, as there are many patients taking treatment in this hospital under the DDSSY scheme,” said one of the relatives of the patient taking treatment at the hospital. 

The DDSSY scheme has been implemented by the Government of Goa along with the insurance company to give the health benefits to the Goans and this scheme is being implemented across Goa in dozens of hospitals. The Manipal Hospitals have been recently included in the scheme but due to complaints from the patients the scheme has been withdrawn, said the sources.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think the government should have taken the interest of the people already admitted to the hospital before suspending the facilities at Hospital? Please share your honest comments on this issue.


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