BJP came into the power in Goa after defeating the Congress in the 2012 polls. It was the most disastrous defeat of Congress then due to which Congress was completely reduced to a minority in the state of Goa. It was perhaps the most embarrassing defeat of Congress who ruled Goa for more than two decades that too with the complete majority. Suddenly what happened that people gave the mandate against BJP this time? or we should say, what was the real reason behind the defeat of BJP in Goa this time? Let us take a look at the cause of BJP’s defeat in Goa.

It was undoubtedly the most shocking defeat of BJP and a somewhat pleasantly surprising victory for the Congress candidates as many of them went dormant after their defeats in the last elections. The comeback of Ravi Naik and Churchill Alemao back to the politics only gives an indications that people need the change and they are giving the second chance to these politicians to prove that they were the right choice. According to the sources, it was nothing but the huge setback for Mr. Manohar Parrikar than to BJP since the since following the victory in 2012 with the complete majority this time Mr. Parrikar had miserably failed to influence the people of Goa.

The Parrikar charisma was lost and BJP could not recreate the magic this time due to the lack of leadership, claimed sources inside the party. BJP won Goa in the year 2012 with Manohar Parrikar leading the Party’s camping. He became the CM of Goa and is said to have provided good governance until November 2014 after which he was nominated as MP from Rajya Sabha and was made the Defence minister of the country.


The sources have also revealed that the absence of Mr. Parrikar in Goan politics led to their failure in the state this time. There was no person who could match his ability and administrative skills. As Chief Minister, Parrikar is said to have brought the land and sand mafia under control and many developmental activities were undertake. But these are just the speculations and could not be considered as the major reason behind the poor performance of BJP in the 2017 elections. There are many U-Turns which made the BJP infamous in the eyes of their voters and they were seeking for the change, said the sources.

Another reason which led to the failure of the ruling government in the state this time was their differences with the Mentor RSS. According to the sources, BJP faced the huge clash with RSS ideologue Subhash Velingkar last year. Velingkar who parted ways from RSS-BJP in Goa started a new party called the RSS Goa Prant. Velingkar was sacked as the RSS chief for the Goa region after the Sangh top brass claimed that a pro-regional languages agitation which he was heading had turned political. All the office bearers of the Goa RSS unit had resigned in solidarity with Velingkar and later floated a rebel Goa RSS faction appointing Velingkar as its head.      


Velingkar had blamed former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for targeting him and getting him sacked from the Goa Sangh Chalak post. Velingkar was upset as the ruling BJP ignored his demand for a withdrawal of grants to English medium schools in Goa. Velingkar, who headed the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM), wanted the BJP to promote Marathi and Konkani as the medium of instruction in schools. He believed Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar who remains the unchallenged face of the BJP in Goa, ignored his effort to promote regional languages.      


The sources said that this was purely the clash and egos between the two leaders. RSS never wanted to support Velingkar as he had put his interest before the party. The clash between Parrikar and Velingkar became the biggest drawback for the BJP since Velingkar is a powerful man in Goa and most of his loyalists in RSS went behind him. The sources have revealed that people had worked against BJP and Parrikar in this election which cost huge loss to BJP in 2017 polls as the votes were split. They struggled to even reach 20 seats and fell behind a simple majority. Even then the BJP got 36% vote share while Congress 28% but the numbers fell down. BJP only managed to get 14 seats, while Congress got 18 seats and others got 10 seats.


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