Goa Designates its First Containment Zone in Vasco Following a Family of Five and their doctor tests positive for COVID-19

Mongor Hill first containment Zone in Goa
The Images of Mongor Hill situated in Vasco City in soyth Goa, declared as Goa's first containment zone. (image credits: NT & TOI)

In one of the first community transmission case that came into the light in Mongor Hill area situated in Vasco town, five people of a family and their doctor tested positive for the COVID-19, and with this Goa had finally designated its first containment zone in Vasco da Gama.  

In the midst of an un-lockdown process that has started in the county, Goa has finally started showing the signs of community transmission of the coronavirus with its first containment zone designated at Mongor Hill in Vasco da Gama in south Goa. 

According to the reports, Five members of a family, including a pregnant woman, and a doctor treating them tested positive for novel coronavirus on Monday in Vasco town. Meanwhile health minister Vishwajit Rane called it the probable case of local (not community) transmission.   

According to Mr Rane, the five members infected with Novel Coronavirus belongs to a fisherman community. “Five members of a family from the fishing community and the their doctor tested positive for coronavirus. This looks like a case of local transmission within the area,” he added. 

According to the sources, the spread of the virus began when one of the members of the family came in contact with the people from Andhra where he went to buy the fish. “It was found that one of the members of the family had come in contact with a person from Andhra Pradesh where he had gone to buy fish,” Rane said.


According to the report published in the Hindustan Times, the entire Mongor Hill area situated in Vasco city had been designated as containment zone and it has been sealed.     

Mongor Hill situated in Vasco da Gama is a densely populated area and declaring it the containment zone was necessary to declare the area as containment zone said the health secretary Ms Nila Mohanan. As per protocol, the State Health Department has set up a containment zone at Mangor Hill with the residence of the family as the centre of the zone.

“Because Mangor Hills is a very tightly packed area we have also taken a decision to declare Mangor Hill in Vasco as a containment zone. We will ensure that we do comprehensive testing of the residents of Mangor Hill and we want to ensure that we do that very comprehensively putting in all our efforts that is why we have decided to declare Mangor Hill in Vasco as a containment zone,” Mohanan added.

According to the reports, now the testing will begin from the centre of the zone which is the resident of the family that has tested positive for the virus. “We will have the most extensive and immediate testing (in areas) next to their residence — then slowly we will be expanding that circle outwards. So our target is to test as quickly as possible as many as possible in that containment zone. But our primary focus will be the immediate vicinity of where this family resides,” Mohanan said.

According to the sources, prior to this case all other cases reported had been of the people who entered the state during lockdown relaxation period while this is the first instance of a person without a clear travel history who has been found positive. “There is no need for fear in the minds of any members of the public, even those who are residing in Mangor Hill. We have taken this step as declaring Mangor Hill as a containment zone as a measure of abundant caution,” Mohanan said.

Goa’s Covid-19 tally has now climbed to 73  with 29 active cases.

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