Goa Cops Now Say That St Cruz Shootout Was Fallout of a Gang War

St Cruz Shootout
St Cruz Shootout (Representational Image)

It looks like Goa Police is still unable to finalize its theory on the St Cruz Shootout. In the earlier press note, they had stated that the shootout at St Cruz was an outcome of affection for a woman and now they are claiming it’s the fallout of the Gang Rivalry.

Naming the absconding history-sheeter Zenito Cardozo a prime conspirator behind the attack the Old Goa Cops have established this new theory.

According to the sources, On the Wednesday Old Goa Police has filed a reply before the principal district and sessions court, Panaji, to oppose an anticipatory bail application filed by Cardozo. In their reply, they have stated that the Santa Cruz shootout last month was a fallout of a rivalry between two gangs

According to them, this is the game of supremacy that is played by both gangs. “Boom Boom, led by Imran Bepari, and Bang Bang, led by Zenito Cardozo is trying to establish their supremacy over each other.”  

“The interrogation of accused persons, namely Sunny D’Souza and Francis Hadar, was carried out on June 23,” Old Goa PSI Chetan Saulekar said. “It was revealed that the incident was a fallout between the Boom Boom and Bang Bang gangs, operated by Bepari and Cardozo respectively.” Saulekar also said that it was revealed that Cardozo was the prime conspirator.

It may be recalled that in the news published on 23rd June by Goa Prism Goa Police had stated that The Shootout at St Cruz was an outcome of affection for a woman. Two people from opposite factions had an affection for one woman and sadly that became the reason for the shootout at Imran Bepari’s house in St Cruz.

Following the investigation of 20 arrested accused the name of Zenito Cardozo surfaced into the case and Goa Police on Saturday registered an offense against Cardozo and four others under the IPC in a case pertaining to them threatening a person to convince his parents and family members to sign a land sale agreement.  

Saulekar said that Cardozo and another person abducted the complainant, Gaurav Naik, from his residence, and threatened him with dire consequences.

Meanwhile, the North Goa District court had postponed the hearing on the bail application Zenito Cardozo and the same will be heard on the 10th of July. 

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