Goa CM Issues Show Cause Notice To Private Hospitals That Delayed Informing Covid Deaths

Goa CM Pramod Sawant

A day after the opposition demanded the CM’s resignation; Dr. Pramod Sawant declares that the Goa government has issued show-cause notices to private hospitals that delayed informing the state administration about the number of Covid-19 related deaths that occurred in their facilities. 

Over the course of Monday and Tuesday, the Health Ministry claimed that 72 Covid-19 deaths had been reported late by the private facilities where they occurred, between August 2020 and May 2021. 

The CM stated that the mistake has been made by the private hospitals and not the government. Since the government was not even informed about these deaths, it has issued a show-cause notice to these facilities under the Health Act and the process of the same is still underway. 

The CM further added that one of the main reasons why there has been the impression that the state had a higher mortality rate compared to other states; was because Goa is the only state in the whole country that has been recording each and every Covid-19 related fatality. 

Dr. Sawant even claimed that deaths within home isolation have also been reported by the state 100 percent, with very rare exceptions. “In many cases, home isolation death cases are reported to the PHCs. They are brought on record. There might be one or two rare exceptions… As far as I know, when the patients are in extreme condition, the patient is brought to the PHCs, there is not a single Covid death which has not been recorded in PHCs,” elaborated Sawant. 

“Even a deceased, who has not been tested before, a throat swab is taken from the dead body. It is tested. Sometimes the body had to be held back for a couple of days for this purpose. The body has been released only after the results,” Sawant added. 

As the CM said that the process is still underway, the citizens of the state can only wait for the show cause notice to work its charm and give Goans some much-needed answers regarding why such important information was kept under wraps. 

The results of the consequent findings of this notice will also help Goans to once again test the reliability of the government that presides over the state. While this investigation is underway, it may be worthwhile to note that the state continues to be under the spell of a curfew that has only recently begun to show some results in the form of dwindling deaths and positivity rates. 

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