Goa Chief Minister confesses of bribing a government servant for obtaining the documents


Goa Chief Minister confesses bribing government servant

The news would sound a bit shocking but it is true. In one of the conversation, the Goa CM had with a media persons confessed of giving the bribe to government servant for the purpose of obtaining a document. The Indian news agency IANS has published the report. What exactly the Goa CM said and when and whom he gave the bribe to get his job done? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Giving and taking a bribe is a part and parcel of day to day life in most of the part of India. There are instances when we give small bribe in a form of BAKSHISH (gift) to the government servants to get our job done. How many times you have paid the bribe of rupees hundred to traffic police who stops you in the middle of the road and ask for the documents? The answers are best known by each individual but no one would dare to confess openly.

But here the story is different. According to the sources, in one of the most shocking incident the CM of Goa had confessed of bribing the government servant (the peon), this incident did not take place recently but it happened 38 years ago when our CM was not an elected representative of Goa then.

According to the news published by the national news agency IANS, Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar on Thursday confessed to having bribed tout (a peon in a government department) once in the North Goa District Collectorate for obtaining a certified document before he became an elected representative.

CM further added saying that even after the 38 years of pursuit he was unable to obtain the document till date. “Let me confess I was badly in need of that document. I am persistent and I had decided I would source it from this person only. I did not keep track of how much I must have paid to him,” Parsekar told the media. He was speaking at a function organized to launch an SMS-based mutation facilitation service in Panaj said the sources.

The chief minister said that he was in need of a certificate from 1978 that has a copy of tenancy order from the office of deputy collector and despite running from the pillar to post and meeting the officials for more than 10 years he failed to obtain the said document. “The order is from 1978. Subsequently, I became an MLA and after one becomes an MLA one forgets his/her own work. I haven’t received that order until now, to be frank enough. But after becoming a minister and then Chief Minister I never had an opportunity to interact with that officer to ask for my documents, let me be frank,” Parsekar said.

This looks to be the most honest any confession that any elected representative has made lately and there is no doubt that we have very honest CM. He also confessed of getting harassed by the government officials in the state due to his modest family background. “I would meet all officers and they would tell me this file lay somewhere in dusty bundles and they would point in the direction of one person who was a peon,” the chief minister said. Parsekar said, the peon turned out to be a retired government servant, whom he pursued, cajoled, bribed for a decade. But the peon died without handing over the file to him.

It is not doubted that this is the most honest confession any elected representative could do without thinking of the consequences of it but this also shows the level of corruption that exists in the government departments since last 40 years. Many of us claim that the Goa has become corrupt after the outsiders entered the state but this case proves that the level of corruption was almost same even 40 years back. What do you think? Please leave your honest comments on this issue.

Source: AINS



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