Goa Cabinet Decided to Recommend Extension of Lockdown till 30th April

After a lot of thought process, the Goa cabinet has taken a decision to recommend the extension of lockdown till April 30, to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This step has been taken in the light of rising the number of cases of coronavirus in the state, said the sources.   

According to the PTI report, The Goa cabinet on Wednesday decided to recommend an extension of the COVID-19 lockdown till April 30 in light of the rise in the number of coronavirus cases.

Meanwhile, the state cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant decided to keep section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code running in the state until the ongoing health crises does not come to an end.    

“We have decided to recommend an extension in the current lockdown to the Prime Minister’s Office, suggesting that it remain in place till April 30,” state Port Minister Michael Lobo told PTI.

Common man is facing the music of lockdown

If you see there are hardly seven positive cases in the state of Goa which is considered very minimal compared to the other states in the country. The lockdown has to continue till April 30 considering the national scenario, he added.    

The state cabinet also recommended that section 144 of the CrPC, which was imposed in the state to avoid crowding and practise social distancing, should continue till the situation improves, Lobo said.    

According to the report, the Prime Minister had asked the states to give their recommendations on the current 21-day nationwide lockdown, which is supposed to end on April 14.

Later today while addressing the press conference chief minister told the media that the final decision in this regards will be taken only after the 14th which is the end of 21 days lockdown. 

According to the sources, chances are more that the lockdown will continue further based on the recommendations sent by the Goa Cabinet to the Prime Minister’s office. 

Goa being a tiny state and the tourism is the major source of income is facing a huge financial crisis and the further extension of the lockdown will only worsen the scenario. What is your view on this?? 

Source: India Today 

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