Goa Airport’s False Ceiling Collapsed injuring two Passengers

In a highly embarrassing situation the ceiling of newly built Goa Airport has came crashing down today morning injuring two passengers. “Two of the passengers were injured but they were given first aid and later they proceeded for their journey,” Dabolim Airport director KS Rao said. The reason behind the collapse is not yet known but Rao has confirmed that the ceiling will be repaired immediately. According to the sources the injuries were not minor as one of the passengers fractured the leg in this accident.

The new terminal at the Goa Dabolim Airport was inaugurated in 2013 December with the facility to handle both domestic and international operations and according to the sources this is the second incident of false ceiling collapse at this airport after the inauguration. The construction of the new terminal building was done at the cost of Rs. 345 Crore with the capacity to handle 2750 passengers at a time on peak hours. But this incident has raised the question mark on the quality of construction which was done at the cost of Rs. 345 Crore and which was accounted to the government treasury is a very sad.

The amount of Rs. 345 crore is not small at all to build just a single terminal it otherwise means that the best quality products have been used into the construction of the same while the sudden collapse of ceiling that too second time after the inauguration raises the doubt about the quality and integrity of the work. The news is all over the social media and its really affecting the image of the Goa government. Considering that government will take some serious steps at this time instead of just giving some silly excuses on this unpleasant issue. Please do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions on this issue at the end of this news article.

Source: PTI


Image Credits: Gaurish Dharwadkar

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