Generation Next for Goa has formed Ponda Taluka Committee

The Generation Next for Goa president and convener Mr. Durgadas Kamat has issued a press note informing the launch of Ponda Taluka level committee which is the first committee formed by the Gen-Next for Goa. The motive behind the formation of this organization is to fight against the injustice and corrupt practices in the society.

Mr. Kamat was speaking on the occasion of the launch of Ponda committee, Mr. Kamat said that “The corruption is becoming the grounds for the decay of the existing system and not taking proper measured against this at the right time would lead to the major problems. The GenNext would work towards exposing the corruption impacting the common man in the taluka & also work towards the welfare of the citizens of the taluka.  He stressed up on the importance of the medical facilities needed to be upgraded at the Sub District Hospital, as the common man from the entire taluka has been suffering due to lack of the same” “people need to travel all the way to GMC from Ponda which is very from Ponda, to avail the medical facilities.

According to Mr. Kamat, Gen-Next will also work towards the Drug menace in the state which is a major issue of concern at the moment. “Drugs” is effecting the young generation in Taluka, due to drugs many families are getting destroyed, the job of the GenNext will include the identification of the spots of where the drug trafficking is taking place and accordingly to inform the ANC of Goa Police for further take the necessary action. GenNext is looking at an option to conduct awareness programmes schools & colleges with regards to Drug Menace in Ponda taluka.

The GenNext is also working on to solve the traffic a problem in the city which is according to them is affecting more to the common man & school students. The rash and negligent driving causing major accidents in the city and authorities are not doing much about it. GenNext would work towards smoothing the traffic & would also urge the citizens, bus operators to have little bit of civic sense on the issue.


Corruption being one of the major issue in the society which leads into creating hurdle in petty work in the Govt department & ultimately citizens have to suffer. GenNext vows to eradicate such corruption & appeals to the citizens of Ponda Taluka to directly get in touch with local team of GenNext or call on our helpline 7755902222 from 10am to 5pm (Monday to Friday) & we would be there to sort out the problems related to corruption which the citizens have been facing. We appeal to all the Govt officers of all the Govt departments in Ponda Taluka that GenNext will keep a vigil watch & hope the officers would cooperate for the all-round development of Citizens of Ponda Taluka.

Ponda Taluka Committee for Generation Next for Goa for the period of two years

Subhash Sirsat                  President

Felix Goes                        Vice President

Seby Dias                         Vice President

Luis Fernandes                  General Secretary

Amit Jog                          Secretary

Sabina Tahsildar               Treasurer

Devidas Naik                    Exec. Member

Gaus Shaikh                     Exec. Member

Bharti Naik                       Exec. Member

Manjunath Naik                Exec. Member

Francisco X.R.Fernandes    Exec. Member

Agnelo Periera                  Exec. Member

Abdul Karin Khan              Exec. Member

Shaikh Hanif                     Exec. Member

Imtiyaz Akkewalli              Exec. Member

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