Goa Tragic Accident – Funeral of Seven Boys Died in Accident on Mumbai – Goa Highway Gets Adieus from more than 4000 people in Mumbai

More than 4000 people gathered to the final rites of the seven boys who died in the road accident on Mumbai – Goa highway on Wednesday. The area of Shivaji Nagar in Vile Parle had witnessed a huge crowd of people who gathered to give their last respects to the seven youth from the neighborhood who died in a road accident on their way to Goa. The lone survivor of this accident has been shifted to Sion hospital in Mumbai for the treatment, said the sources. The accident was so severe that all the seven youth died on the spot. But according to the father of one of the deceased, his son died while saving the life of another person.

“My son died because they were trying to save a person coming from the opposite direction towards them on a bicycle,” said Pandu Todkar, father of deceased Kedar Todkar. The scene around the crematorium was filled tragedy. All the people gathered were feeling sad for the youths who lost their life in a single stroke. “Losing 7 people of the same locality is not a joke. We were all disheartened to see what happened. We are here to just give our condolences,” said Swapnil Patil, 34, a Vidyavihar resident who attended the funeral.


The near and dear ones of the deceased were inconsolable as they were continuously whipping in trauma for their unbearable loss as the bodies of the seven boys were brought to the Parsiwada Smashan Bhoomi, said the sources. “Kedar was an extremely nice boy who wanted to achieve big in life. Now, it’s been cut short,” said Kedar’s father. Even Prashant’s sister Pranali, could not hold her emotions and faint at the funeral. An ambulance at the site treated and revived her.         


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The funeral was attended by not just the residents of the locality, who came to show their solidarity, but also people from far flung areas who came to pay their respects to the deceased. Anand Pathak, a friend of the boys and also a Shiv Sena worker, said, “The party will not release an official statement, but throughout the ordeal, we have been standing by the families and will continue to do so.”          


Meanwhile, Raj Ghade, a close friend of the group said, “The families are all in immense pain. I had never imagined even in my worst dream that anything like this would happen. I really don’t know what to say. Abhishek, who is still badly injured, is now out of danger. His condition was bad in the morning, but we hope that he recovers soon.”

It may be recalled that A group of eight friends who were on their way to Goa for the social cause trip died in a tragic accident that occurred to their vehicle on old Mumbai-Goa highway at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. In the accident, seven boys died on the spot and one is said to be critically injured and was admitted to the local hospital. 


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