Full time teachers are not allowed to work elsewhere taking the advantage of maternity leave says CM


There is a rise in cases of full-time teachers of government and aided schools involved into taking up the private jobs making the use of maternity and child care leave. This matter has been brought up in the Goa Assembly today to which CM has replied saying that this type of malpractices will not be allowed. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]It is no more a hidden fact that many government servants do take up the part time jobs to make some extra money but this is done by making the misuse of available leaves granted to them especially in case of woman employees who are making the misuse of maternity and childcare leave that is granted to them for the purpose of smooth delivery of child and thereafter taking care of a newborn.

The above issue of misuse of maternity and child care leave by woman employees has been raised in the Goa Assembly today to which the Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar had replied saying that this is not permitted and the necessary action will be taken against such people if brought to my notice.

“The use of leave for the purpose other than it has been granted is not allowed. We give maternity leave for the purpose of delivery and child care leave is granted for taking care of the newborn child. And during that period she is not allowed to work elsewhere. I request the members of the house to kindly bring such cases to my notice and the necessary action will be initiated against the person,” said Mr. Parsekar adding that “But let me bring one more point to the notice of the members in the house that if the person working as part time lecturer or lecturer basis than that person is allowed to take up the additional job elsewhere. But the full timers are strictly now allowed to work elsewhere and for that we some regulations in the place.”

According to the Chief Minister the following regulations are needed to be taken into the consideration before making the decision of taking up private job while working in the schools either government or aided.

  1. If the person is not a full-time teacher or an employee of an aided school he or she shall be allowed to undertake private tuitions or private employment or otherwise engage him or her in any business activities.
  2. Under the rule 70, Sub-rule 1E teachers are prohibited from accepting any job offers remunerate to character from any source or give the private tuitions or engage him/her in any business. But this clause is applicable to the full-time teachers only.

According to the sources, there is a huge percentage of teachers working in government and government aided schools are involved into such malpractices while taking the advantage of the privileges. Not only the teachers but many state government employees are involved in the business activity which is against the law. If government looks into the matters seriously many cases will get surfaced. If you wish to say something please put it down in your comments.

Source: Various sources  


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