From Friendly Fights to Seat Adjustments, Goan Politics has Travelled So Far

Goans are known for being the most simple and straight forward people but the new breed of politicians in Goa does not believe in the same. Politics in Goa has travelled very far from being the honest once upon a time. Today politicians believe in playing Friendly Games in the political battlefield and at the same they want to finish their opponents. The alliances are getting transformed into seat sharing business. Where our beautiful Goa is heading towards? Another Bihar or Maharashtra?  

According to the sources, as the elections are approaching closer, Political parties are getting impatient. The alliances are getting fizzled in the last moment. On one side they are talking about the friendly fights and other side they want to finish the existence of their opponents. There is no ethics left in politics and politicians. Everybody just wants to win by any means.   

According to the reports published in herald daily, Babush Monseratte addressed the election battle in Cortalim as “Friendly Fight” “Cortalim candidate Ramakant Borkar will have a ‘friendly fight’ with Congress candidate Mariano Gilbert Rodrigues for Cortalim assembly seat,” said Mr. Monseratte. According to the sources, Mr. Borkar has filed his nominations through UGP (United Goans Party) that is recently floated by Babush Monseratte who is going to contest from Panaji on UGP ticket.

Meanwhile the Cortalim Block Congress President Deven Kenkre claimed that they are not in a mood for any friendly fight. “I don’t think that there is scope for any friendly fight between UGP and Congress in Cortalim. If that is the case, then, I feel that such fight should also take place in other constituencies where Congress and UGP are contesting against each other; and why only with UGP, such fight should be with BJP too,” Kenkre quipped. “Such talks on friendly fights are disturbing as the same creates confusion among the voters. We are firm that there will be proper fight and not friendly fight in Cortalim,” he added. (Source: Heraldo On the other side, Mariano Rodriguese said, “It is not a football game. Election is a serious business and we have no doubt on my victory in Cortalim, so why waste time on friendly fight.”

On the other front, the mentor of Goa Forward, who was waiting eagerly for the alliance with Congress has finally settled down with “Seat Sharing” as the Congress decided to not form an alliance. This is new concept catching up in Goa. The meaning of seat sharing according to the sources is, both the parties does not filed the candidature against each other in the similar constituencies. According to Mr. Vijay Sardesai, The senior Congress leadership has not shown any interest in alliance and instead they are working on the seat sharing formula. “There will be no formal alliance between GFP and Congress. Instead, an informal seat sharing adjustment would take place. Digvijaya Singh called me on Sunday to tell me that Congress is not keen on an alliance. Instead, they have decided not to field candidates in Fatorda, Siolim, Porvorim and Saligao. We have announced our party’s candidates there,” Sardesai told TOI


Where the Goan politics has reached today? All those stakeholder, who are talking about an alliances and seat sharing have formed their own regional parties to defeat the corrupt national parties and to provide the Goans with a regional alternatives. But now the same people are now ready do anything for the alliance, whether it is in form of seat sharing or friendly fights. What example they are setting in the minds of their voters? Do they really feel that the voters are not smart enough to understand the level of pressure their candidates are going through? Regardless of who wins the seats but the possibility of formation of stable government looks to be very dim.


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