French woman committed suicide in Anjuna Goa after killing her 7-year-old adopted daughter

In one of the most shocking incident, the French lady from Anjuna had committed the suicide after killing her adopted daughter by smothering claimed the police sources. The deceased woman was staying in a rented house in Peddem Anjuna with her husband and adopted daughter said the sources. The police sources have informed that the lady first killed her adopted daughter by smothering and then slit her throat with the help of blade. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the report published by the local television channel in Goa, the French national staying in Goa at Anjuna was found dead in her bedroom with her throat slit with a sharp weapon they also found the body of her 7-year-old adopted daughter next to her. Later on, police managed to compile all the available sources and came to the conclusion that the lady first smothered the child and later committed suicide by slitting her throat with a blade that was found in her hand by police.

According to the statement released by the police to the press, when police reached the spot, they found French lady and her adopted daughter was lying dead on the bed. Later on, in the police verification, the name of the French woman has been disclosed as Severin Martin Domingos Fegeiro, French national and her Husband Richard who is not in Goa at present and he left for the France three days ago. The name of the adopted daughter is revealed as Deepa, 7-year-old from Karwar.

When police visited the crime spot and observed the entire situation they realized that she slit her throat with the help of a blade. This was ascertained by looking at her fingers that were bleeding due to the cuts. The child was put to death by smothering said the police official.

According to the police the deceased left a suicide note behind her which is written in French. The note was shown to one of their French friend who came to visit her after the husband of deceased told him to go and find out since no one was responding to his phone calls. The police said that the French friend of the deceased who informed about the incident to police is working at NIO as a scientist. According to him, she wrote Pardon me several times in the suicide note.


According to the police, the deceased lady has committed the crime by killing the child which she should not have done since it was adopted a child. Meanwhile, the PI of Anjuna in his statement to the press said that he spoke with the husband of deceased and he was informed that lady was telling her husband about committing suicide a few days back but he never thought that she would go to such an extent and kill an innocent child in the bargain.

According to the sources, the reason behind the suicide is a depression and police is investigating this angle of depression by finding out her previous medical history said the senior officer. He said “Only after we do the investigation on the depression angle we will be able to come to the conclusion if this was suicide or something else.” he said adding that with the present investigation an only case of suicide is coming forward.

Source: Prudent Media


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