People are not ready to accept the police version of the story in which Fr. Bismarck died due to an accidental drowning and that all the injury marks on his body were formed after his death due to the aquatic creatures. People believe that all the injury marks, such as a deep scar on the forehead and swelling and bleeding of the genitals, were due to the suspected attack on the priest prior to his death. The reason behind demanding the multiple autopsies of Fr. Bismarck is due to the lack of confidence of the supporters and family of Bismarck on the police and doctors.

People are waiting for the viscera report and they want to get the third autopsy of Fr. Bismarck done independently without the intervention of GMC or any government agency and perhaps if that is allowed the whole case will come to an end falling on the either side of the line.

According to the supporters of Fr. Bismarck there are existing evil forces who wanted to eliminate Fr. Bismarck to get their way clear. The movement started by Bismarck was the hurdle in the way of many industrialists, politicians and businessman who according to the supporters of Fr. Bismarck were the major enemies of Bismarck. In fact the people also strongly believe that the police should dive deep into this matter and bring out the truth which is hiding deep down into the bottom the mystery. According to them, this was one of the most humiliating murders and the police need to check the chronology properly once again in the favor of Fr. Bismarck and they will surely reach the culmination. People do not even have the faith on certain media houses and they believe that even one section of media is working in the favor of murderers and later they will be rewarded suitably.

This entire negative angle developed due to the lack of proper investigation. Even the court did not take any suo moto cognizance of the matters; feel the supporters of Fr. Bismarck. The approach taken by the investigating authorities, in this case, is suspected by the supporters of Bismarck. Now police had managed to establish that the death of Bismarck was an accidental drowning, it is the turn of Crime branch to investigate further and finally it will be handed over to CBI on public demand. Although it is highly premature to set up an opinion in this case till the investigation completes.

Source: The source of story is Niz Goenkar website

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