Fr. Bismarck Died due to drowning confirms the GMC Forensics reports

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Finally, the Forensics report of GMC (Goa Medical Collage) has confirmed that the death of Fr. Bismarck was as a result of the drowning and this may bring to an end of all the speculations that were supporting the formula of foul play, here is the complete report.

The Superintendent of Police crime branch Karthik Kashyap has confirmed the receipt of the postmortem report of Fr. Bismarck by them and it confirmed the reason of death is drowning. According to the sources from the department of forensics at GMC, the final postmortem performed by them on the mortal remains of the Bismarck has confirmed the reason of death is just an accidental drowning.

This is the outcome of the second postmortem report which was done by the doctors at GMC on 8th November 2015 and the report was kept pending then. It may be recalled that the doctors of GMC in its first postmortem report done on the body of Dias had confirmed the cause of death as Drowning.

It has also been revealed that the Dias’s family lawyers met the SP crime branch Karthik Kashyap to find out the progress in the case. According to the sources, the Crime Branch had already made a provision of lie detector test of Daryl Vaz who was accompanied Fr. Bismarck on a fateful day. They have sought the appointment of the Gandhinagar-based Gujarat Forensic Science Laboratory (GSFL) to conduct the lie detection test of the Vaz.

The last report was received by the police from CFSL (Central Forensic Science Laboratory) Hyderabad had confirmed that the blood-stained vest found by the supporters of Bismarck does was the hoax and it had no blood stains on it; it was the red colour instead.


The CFSL on their earlier diatom test had also ruled out any existence of the foul play and prior to that, the same laboratory did not find any suspicious material in Dias’s viscera. Till date, the crime branch had received total three test reports from CFSL which supports the police investigation report of a death due to accidental drowning.

On December 21, 2015, the Justice Juvenile Board (JJB) had rejected the application of the crime branch to conduct the lie detector test on a minor boy. The lie detector test was the last resort of the supporters of Bismarck to dig out the suspected foul play but due to the intervention of the court, it became unfeasible.

It may be recalled that Fr. Bismarck Dias went missing on 6th November 2015 after he allegedly ventured into the river for swimming. He was accompanied by two boys from the same village one of them was Daryl Vaz, and second was the minor boy. Next day the body of Bismarck was found floating in a river near the sluice gate at St. Estevam.

The reports from all the sources have confirmed two things that the death happened due to drowning and there is no existence of foul play, but the supporters of Fr. Bismarck are not ready to accept the report of forensics as well police. They feel that foul play do exists behind the death of Bismarck. Some people on the social media feel that ‘Goa Prism is the paid media and will be getting rewarded afterwards’ but we challenge all such people to prove their points before making any such allegations on us. We are here to serve the news reports and we are not getting paid by anybody for doing the same. We are also interested in the truth and that needs the evidence. We call for the people to come ahead with the evidence and we will publish it without any fear of anyone. Please do leave your honest comments and suggestions.

Source: Various Sources

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