Four Musicians Performing at Serendipity Arts Festival Arrested for Chanting ‘Om’ with Abusive Language

In one of the shocking incident that took place in Goa, four musicians performing at the Serendipity Arts Festival going on in Goa have been arrested by Goa Police on Wednesday under section 295-A of Indian Penal Code for hurting the religious sentiments.

\According to the report published by the Hindustan Times, Four musicians performing live at the Serendipity Arts Festival currently underway in Goa were arrested for allegedly outraging the sentiments of Hindus and subsequently released on bail on Wednesday.

The sources revealed that the group of musicians Sumant Balakrishnan, 34, Anirban Ghosh, 37, Shiva Pathak, 40, and Nirmala Ravindran, 45 were booked by police for Chanting OM clubbed with abusive Language thereby hurting the sentiments of Hindu Religion.

According to the sources, Goa police took action following the complaint lodged by Venkatesha Krishna Kunduru, an advocate from New Delhi, stating that the band by name “Dastaan” was performing at the Serendipity Arts Festival had misused the platform by performing songs which insult Hindu religion by chanting Om with abusive words and displaying walks of life with deliberate intention of outraging the religious feelings of Hindus.


According to the sources, Goa police arrested all of the 4 band members under section 295-A of Indian Penal Code (insulting religious feelings) on Wednesday however they were released on the conditional bail later on.

“They have been let off on condition that they will cooperate with the probe,” police sub-inspector Subhash Gaonkar said.

This is first of such incident that came into the light wherein the performers have been arrested for making use of music for hurting the sentiments of religion. There is a freedom of speech provided it does not hurt the sentiments of others by way of using the abusive language.

What are your views on this? do you support these performers and their actions? Please share your views in the comments box below.

Source: HT 

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