Four Facebook Pages to face Legal Action from Election Commission in Goa

The CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) has issued the show cause notice to four Facebook pages in Goa for violating the model code of conduct presently applicable the state. The following Facebook pages said to have been posting the political matters without pre-certification from the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC).

Based on the information available from the reliable sources, the following Facebook pages said to have been found violating the model code of conduct applicable in the state. The Facebook pages, Sattari Yuva Morcha, Let’s Talk Issue, Fat Chalchi Na and Mission Goa were found posting the matters pertaining to the political issues in Goa without any proper pre-certification from MCMC (Media Certification and Monitoring Committee) and thereby violating the model code of conduct.

According to the sources, the Facebook Page “Sattari Yuva Morcha” which is active in the state of Goa for quite some time and it is one of the oldest Facebook page compared to the remaining three have been highly active in promoting the political activities for quite some time. The page says that it has a vision for a better quality of life for the people of Sattari and for the people of Goa.

Meanwhile, the remains three Facebook pages, Let’s Talk Issue, Fat Chalchi Na and Mission Goa have mushroomed recently on the background of the ongoing election process. Most of them have been promoting the articles and post making the use of Facebook Paid Post Boosting methods and managed to gather quite a number of followers.

According to the sources, the office of election commission have asked the Cyber Cell of Goa Police to initiate action against three Facebook pages — ‘Let’s talk issues – Wake up Goa’, ‘Fat Chalchi Na’ and ‘Mission Goa’ for posting political matter without pre- certification from the MCMC and violating the model code of conduct.


The social media is one of the most powerful platforms that is being used by the political parties in state at the moment. All the updates and promises by the political parties have been circulated via facebook pages and it also includes the allegations and throwing the fifth at each other. It appears to be very vague as for why the CEO is not initiating the action against all the political parties for promoting their agendas and thereby trying to influence the voter of Goa.

This is very important question needs to be addressed since the social media platform has complete freedom of expressions (provided it adheres to all the clause set by the facebook). Today the election commission is targeting the four Facebook pages tomorrow it will be entire social media including one’s personal facebook profile too. It is very difficult to find out if this was the selective targeting, Goa Prism seeks the participation of the people in this debate to help and keep the freedom of expression going on without the pressure of any political pressure.


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