Formalin Laced Fish Entering State Via Interstate Buses?

Unloading the Thermocol boxes filled with fish from Bus

There is a shocking revelation made by the video clip going viral on social media. The person in the video clip claims that a huge stock of a formalin laced fish is entering in the state via interstate buses. Meanwhile, the claims made by some of the BJP legislatures and ministers about keeping a strict vigil on the fish entering into the state has become futile. 

The fish needs to be transported in a refrigerated insulated container vehicle to keep it fresh but the use of formalin also does the same thing and thus the fish being transported in an interstate bus without the facility of any refrigeration.

The video posted on the social media clearly shows the boxes insulated with thermocol have been removed at a Panaji bus stand from an interstate route bus.

The boxes are just removed and dumped on the bus stand without any provision of preservation of the content inside, which is a fish, claimed the sources.

Meanwhile, the Fisheries Minister Mr. Vinod Palyekar on Friday said that the testing of fish samples for formalin by the department of food and drugs administration (FDA) would continue. He also said there should be no objections to the process.

It may be recalled that the Health Minister Vishwajit Rane and TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai were challenging the fact that there is no illegal fish trade happening in Goa, but the new exposure by the citizens may prove their statement nothing but a farce. 

According to the reports published by the Times of India, fish traders in some markets have threatened a shutdown, alleging that not enough fish is being brought into the state due to FDA guidelines. They have also criticized the state for failing to resolve the issue.

The politics over the fish is getting more severe with the Margao wholesale market association demanding the resignation of the health minister over the issue of handling the issue arrogantly.

The Fisheries minister also stated that for him the health of the Goans is of a prime concern and the fish vendors will simply have to follow the rules.

Whatever the ministers or authorities may claim about the eradication of formalin-free fish but, practically it seems that government does not have enough types of machinery to keep a check on the fish entering into the state from various routes.

Meanwhile, the video which is going viral on the social media claims that the fish entering into the state for past three days but no media came forward to cover that incident. “The fish is landing in Panaji and Mapusa by bus, the fish is entering into the state via Bus, train and another mode of transport but no one seems to be bothered about this.”

There is not just one bus, many buses illegally carrying the similar Thermocol boxes containing fish. The government authorities did not seem to be interested in taking action against illegal activities.

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