Traffic Violations has become the way of life in the Goa. Nobody likes to follow the traffic rules in the state. Right from the local Goans to the Foreigners coming into the state violates the traffic rules without the fear of law and order in the state, and the traffic police have decided to take strict action against this…

The rising number of cases of road accidents and deaths in the state has posed a big challenge in front of the traffic police in Goa. According to the sources, Goa police has observed that foreigners have been openly flouting traffic rules in the state and a special drive will be conducted to act against these violations.              

During the special drive on Friday, Goa police acted against 46 traffic violators including nine foreigners in the coastal belt with regards to traffic violations including drunken driving, dangerous driving, driving without a license, dazzling lights, driving without helmet, without number plate etc. During the drive, police also stopped an illegal late-night party.

Police said that in order to curb the increasing tendency of foreign and Indian tourists defying traffic rules and also to keep watch over clandestine hosting of late night parties without permission of the appropriate authorities, a joint drive by local and traffic police was conducted on Friday.

Police said that the department intends to continue the drive to inculcate traffic discipline amongst motorists to prevent incidents of road accidents. Similarly, illegal late night parties are not only affecting the ambient air quality but have the potential of crime occurrence and a possibility of drug use. During the checking, an illegal late night party was also stopped and musical instruments seized under the Environmental Protection Act.

Police have conducted a similar drive last month. Police have observed that foreigners are openly flouting the law of the land and to strictly enforce the law, such drives are necessary, a senior police official said.

The question here is, will these drives be able to curb the traffic violations in the state? Or people will carry on with the similar mentality of paying the challan and forgetting the issue? How many of you have ever violated the traffic law in whatever way? By way of parking the vehicle in NO-PARKING ZONE, or by doing the DOUBLE PARKING on the city roads, or entering into the NO ENTRY ZONES… Please be Genuine and tell us in your comments…      



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