Foreigner Tourists Molested by Domestic Tourists at Calangute Beach on New Years Eve, No police patrolling on the beach

On the backdrop of Bangalore mass molestation case on the new years eve, the news of something similar happening in Goa has come in the news media. According to the sources, large numbers of foreign women tourists were allegedly groped by rowdy domestic tourists along the Calangute – Candolim beach belt during the new year’s eve celebration. Above all, there was no proper police patrolling on the beach belt to deal with such situation which amounted into raising the concern over the safety of tourists in Goa.

The sensational news of mass molestation of women in Bangalore on the New Year’s Eve shook the entire country. It became very difficult to believe that people can go down to such an extent and over and above that the statement of the Karnataka Home Minister raised another question mark on the existing system and safety of the women in the state. Here is the news of something similar happened in the state of Goa where a large number of foreign women tourists were groped by the unruly domestic Indian tourist on the New Year’s Eve. 

According to the sources, the shack owner of one of the shacks at Calangute told the news media that a large number of foreign women tourists were allegedly groped by the rowdy domestic tourists who came to Goa to celebrate the new year. This incident supposed to have taken place along the Calangute – Candolim beach belt during the new Year’s eve.    

According to the shack owner from Candolim, the incident of groping by the rowdy mob took place when the foreign women were enjoying the evening at the beach on the New Year’s Eve. A large number of domestic tourists thronged on the beach belt had started misbehaving with the foreigners and starred molesting them. The women later took the shelter in the beach shack. “There were no police patrolling along the beach,” said the shack owner.           

According to the sources, there were also a large number of brawls between drunken domestic tourists, sources said. “Tourists from neighboring areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka come for New Year celebrations and go back the next day after creating all this havoc,” a shack owner said. The Calangute-Candolim area was swamped with thousands of tourists leading to a major traffic jam. Even Sunday morning witnessed chock-a-block traffic with police completely helpless in easing the situation, said the sources.


Although there was a fear of terror strike which was spread across by some misleading sources but that did not create any impact on the celebration said the sources. The Beach shacks, restaurants, and hotels did roaring business despite fears of a terror strike. The deluge of tourists also resulted in a huge quantum of garbage being deposited on the beach. John Lobo, secretary of the Shack Owners Welfare Society, who operates a shack at Baga, Calangute, said the garbage has not been cleared for the last three days, and the beach is full of it.

Mr. Lobo also blamed the Goa tourism department for not keeping the beaches clean saying that, the Goa Tourism should be put to shame as they are wasting people’s money on foreign trips instead of clearing up the beaches,” Lobo said, adding, “the tourism minister has ruined our image.”

In another incident, a resident of Porvorim, Roshan Ganu, said that the situation in Ashwem, Pernem, was chaotic on New Year’s Eve. “Earlier in the evening, I was in Candolim where I came across two policemen handling the traffic situation very well. But, at night, we reached Ashvem and that was a rather chaotic situation,” she said. “There was lots of traffic, cars were parked on the roads which narrowed the space for those traveling. I didn’t see any cops trying to handle the traffic on that road. It’s the main road where most of the popular clubs are located. I guess they could have done better in that part of Goa, which is so popular for techno parties, that attract huge crowds,” she said.


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