Foreign Tourists Attacked by the Sea Creature While Swimming in Deep-sea water at Calangute

The case of sea creature attacking the tourist has come out as a shocker to the people of Goa. This news has been going on in the social media for some time now claiming that some tourists had been attacked by Shark like sea creature while swimming in the deep sea at Calangute. IANS (Indo Asian News Service) has finally came out with the reports of Sea creature attack on the Indian and a German tourist.

According to the sources, Clare, who was administered 28 stitches to sew up the bite wound on her leg, was swimming beyond the breakers at Calangute beach when the attack took place. “Clare was admitted to our hospital as an OPD (Out Patient Department) case. It was clearly a wound resulting from a bite by a big fish. She was given the required suturing and medication and later discharged from the hospital as she had to leave for Bengaluru urgently,” a spokesperson for Bosio Hospital in Calangute said. The reports on the social media have conformed that she left for Bangalore in forage of better treatment. 

According to the reports published by the IANS new agency, An Indian tourist and a German national have been bitten apparently by sea creature, locally called ‘hichan’, or some sea creature while swimming off Goa’s popular Calangute beach, a lifeguard agency and a hospital told. “On Tuesday (January 3) afternoon, an Indian tourist was bitten by a hichan. These sea snakes appear close to the shore during winter and some of them are aggressive and sometimes attack,” lifeguard Amit, who was on duty at the Calangute-Candolim beach stretch, told IANS. “We gave him first-aid to treat the bite after pulling him out from the sea,” Amit said, adding that lifeguards have also sighted several sea snakes or hichans off the beach over the past few days.

According to the sources, the above incident was also confirmed by Prabhakar Pandey, General Manager of the Drishti Beach Management Services, which has been appointed by the Goa Tourism Ministry for lifeguard services on the popularly frequented beaches of the state’s 105-km long coastline. On the same day, German tourist Clare Arni was also bitten by a sea creature, possibly a big fish.

There was no response from the state Tourism Department when contacted to find out whether any precautionary measures are being undertaken or a cautionary alert has been issued to tourists and locals in the area over the attacks in the sea. Tourism Director Sanjeev Gauns Dessai couldn’t be reached over phone.



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