The Flying Squad seized Cash from the office of BJP Legislature

The election commission in Goa looks like working very efficiently while doing their duty. The elections are just a few days away and political parties and their representatives are leaving no stone unturned to lure the voters in whatever possible manner and in this the flying squad playing the major role of cracking any such illegal activities across the state.

There are cases of distribution of money to the voters at several locations in Goa and one such news already published by the Goa Prism in its earlier post here…  In one such incident, the senior BJP leader and MLA of Mormugao Mr. Milind Naik’s office were raided by the flying squad and managed to recover Rs. 53000 cash from the office of Mormugao MLA. The sources said that on the receipt of the complaint the flying squad swung into action and raided the party office of Mr. Milind Naik at Sada in Vasco and recovered the cash.

The incident of the raid took place on the eve of Sunday and the amount that recovered in the raid was Rs. 53000 in cash. The sources said that the cash was recovered from the possession of one Sanjay Naik who works for Mr. Milind Naik at the MLA’s party office in Sada, Vasco da Gama.

The raid was conducted by the Expenditure Officer Soumya Pandey at MLA’s office in Sada, said the sources. Although the flying squad recovered the cash from Mr. Naik’s office but the raid was going on until late night to scrutinize the documents related to the cash transactions.

Although, not many details have been revealed by the sources in this case and when media contacted the deputy collector of Mormugao, Sankhwalkar, he confirmed the news of raid on MLA’s office and said that further investigations are going on and soon it will be cracked.     


There are seldom cases of any MLA or Minister getting caught while doing any illegal activities otherwise 80% of the politicians would have been behind the bars. The election commission is doing their job very efficiently and soon there will be more such cases going to come up in the media. Please keep updated by checking out here… and keep yourself well informed.   


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