Five Years are not Sufficient to Fulfil all the Promises made by the Government, says Parrikar

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According to the Indian Constitution, the one term of the election is five years and according to our Raksha Mantri and former Chief Minister of Goa, Shri. Manohar Parrikar, one term is not enough to fulfill all the promises made by his government to the people of Goa. According to the sources, after the last assembly election, BJP government came to power and promised the development in just 11 months. But now they are saying that one term is not enough.

As the elections are coming closer the ruling government seems losing their confidante level and to do the baseless claims. The same government who promised the removal of casinos from River Mandovi before the term ends now extending the licenses to them. The law and order are gone to toss in the state and our honorable defense minister, who was the Chief Minister of Goa then now asking for one more term to put all things right.

The Indian Defence Minister was addressing to the people of Goa in the Vijay Sankalp Mahamelava held at Taleigao Community Hall and in his address, he sought the support of Goan people for the another term for BJP to make Goa corruption free and developed. he assures to the public that what he promises will be honored. “I guarantee you administrative efficiency and corruption-free government if elected to the power for the one more term,” he said.

According to the Defence Minister, one term is not sufficient enough to fulfill all the promised made by the government to the public. “Sometimes one term is not enough to fulfill all promises. There is no magic wand to do things in one go,” said Parrikar. In his list of the tall promises, Mr. Parrikar went saying that he will sort the problems of Porvorim residents by providing 24X7 water for Porvorim in their ‘next term’. No houses will be razed down to accommodate the proposed 4 lane highway NH-17 which passes through Porvorim.     

When the media and people asked Mr. Parrikar as why he did not keep his earlier promise of putting the Mine Owners behind the bars that he made before winning the election, he said that, soon after he got elected to the power in March 2012 the mining came to standstill pushing the state’s economy into crises and if he had to go after them, he would have got into legal tangles and it wouldn’t have been possible for him to focus on finding ways for financial stability.


Parrikar also brought up the issue of stability and according to him, only BJP can provide the stable government in the state for next five years. He said that most important condition for the development of any state is its stability and BJP has always had the development of the state on its mind. “Modi has promised all help for Goa,” Parrikar said urging the public to elect BJP candidates, which will be declared in days to come.

Earlier, chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar took pot shots at Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte saying some are more interested in their own development than that of the people.

Later in the evening, addressing mahamelava at Taleigao, Parrikar reiterated that people should vote for stability as only a stable government can live up to its election promises and vote out “political jokers”.


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