Fish Van Meets With Accident at Mollem, People Start Robbing the Fish

People Robbing Fish
People Robbing Fish from the Mini Tempo Met with an Accident

A mini-van transporting fish met with a self accident along the Panaji-Belagavi route, near the Mollem area, however, what unfolded later was very disappointing. 

Due to continuous rainfall in different parts of Goa over the last two to three days, the minivan transporting fresh fish in cartons reportedly skidded off the road and turned onto its side, resulting in all the cartons and fish boxes spilling open and falling on the road.

The vehicle driver was reportedly lucky to escape any serious injuries as the jeep turned towards its side, however, he did develop some injuries on his head.

However, what was shocking was the sight of several people stopping by and taking away the fish that had fallen off from the vehicle.

Certain videos have also gone viral of people picking up the fish from some cartons and taking it in their bags. This bizarre act was largely criticized by several others on social media.

The mini van driver reportedly tried stopping people from stealing the fish, however, he couldn’t single handedly control everyone. 

An ambulance arrived at the spot, however, despite having injuries, the driver was hesitant to get medical treatment as he was concerned about the people stealing away the fish from his vehicle.

Several people on social media criticised the people’s role in stealing the fish at another person’s cost (the driver), as the van driver stood in dismay.

It was only when the police arrived later that people dispersed from the scene.

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