Fire Broke out at Kadamba Bus Stand – RTO & KTCL offices Completely Gutted in the Fire, All Important Documents Turned to Ashes

An unexpected (or perhaps the expected) fire broke out at KTC (Kadamba Bus Terminus) in Panaji. We calling is expected based on the feedback given by the people from the vicinity. They were seen blaming the authorities for the negligence due to which the fire breaks out today.  According to the sources, there were several warnings given to the authorities prior to this incident but, they never bothered to look into the matter seriously. Now that the damage is already done, the blame game will continue….

According to the sources, the fire erupted in the supermarket situated on the ground floor at around 5.45am and later spread across the first floor, where the RTO and KTC offices are situated. The reason behind the fire is not yet known but, the possibility of short circuit or bursting of the cylinder cannot be ruled out, said the sources.

The news of fire breaks out at early morning on Monday 2nd October. The employees of Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) were preparing for the Gandhi Jayanti Celebration on the bus stand first saw smoke coming out from the RTO office situated on the first floor of a building and altered others. The MD of KTCL was informed about the incident.

Soon the MD of KTCL arrived on the incident spot, and fire tenders were summoned. Meanwhile, the fire started steading in the nearby areas swallowing the nearby premises, said the sources. According to the reports, there is no clue yet about, how the fire breaks out but, the possibility of shock circuit cannot be ruled out said the sources.


By the time fire tenders reached and started its rescue operations, the RTO & KTCL offices were completely gutted in the fire. Around 10 to 12 fire tenders were put into the task of controlling the fire, although no casualties have been reported as the incident happened in the early morning, and nobody was present in the office at that time, said the sources.


According to the sources, around 12 fire tenders, took approximately 3 hours, to bring the fire under control. A huge amount of documents of RTO and KTCL had been gutted in the fire, said the senior official quoting that the estimated losses can be to the tune of around 1 crore. The MD (Managing Director) of KTCL also agreed that there were plans of changing the entire electrical wiring of the bus stand, that remained unattended.

Meanwhile, according to the RTO officials, the office of Transport department will remain closed for few more days, as the important records have been burnt in the flames. “Two of our major sections dealing with enforcement and registration of vehicles were damaged in the fire. We will have to shut down the office for another three days,” state transport director Nikhil Desai told reporters outside the site of the mishap. The exact cause of the fire was yet to be ascertained, Desai said, adding that prima facie it is suspected that a short circuit occurred in the supermarket from where the fire spread to the transport department’s office, which is located on the first floor.

The news of the fire spread on social media, and everyone is seen blaming the authorities for the same. There was a genuine need of up-gradation of the KTC bus stand but, that was neglected by the authorities, said the sources. What is your opinion on this? Do you think that the authorities are responsible for the fire or the supermarket from where the fire spread to the rest of building is responsible? Please share your valuable comments on this serious issue.

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