The Fire Broke Out At A Scrapyard in Camarabhat, The City’s Famous Slum Area

The Scrapyards are prone to the fire due to the highly combustible material, stored inside it, without maintaining the proper safety management. The fire which broke out at Camarabhat, the famous slum of Panaji, has once again awakened the authorities sleeping over this issue.

Despite the rule prevails that, the existence of scrapyard is not allowed in the residential areas, there are many scrapyards exits in the state, in the residential areas. The Camarabhat is one of the most famous slums in the capital city of Goa, has numerous scrapyards, without any safety measures.

These scrapyards pose the danger to the lives of people staying in that locality but, it looks like the authorities are closing their eyes to this fact. The fire which broke out today at Camarabhat, is one such live example of the same.

According to the sources, the reason behind the fire is not yet known, but there is no doubt that, it took place due to the utter negligence on the part of the concern authorities. This area is so much densely populated that, even the fire tenders cannot reach there, and due to this there was a huge problem while bringing the fire under control.

Several fire tenders along with the help of local residents finally managed to bring the fire under control. The assessment of the losses is not yet been done, said the sources.


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