Find The Solution For The Sex-Trafficking Between Delhi – Goa, Says ARZ NGO

Sex-Trafficking Between Delhi - Goa

The Sex Trafficking between Goa and Delhi is not a new story, as most of the sex worker are brought into the state from the North India. According to the ARZ NGO situated in Goa, both the states are facing the similar problem and hence there is a need of immediate solution which can be done with the help of discussion between the two. 

According to the reports, Goa-based NGO Arz (Anyay Rahit Zindagi) has urged both the state Governments to tackle the serious issue of sex trafficking faced by both the states. 

Mr Arun Pandey of ARZ was talking on the backdrop of the recent debate challenge given by the vice chairman of the Delhi Jal board and AAP MLA Raghav Chadha to the Goa power minister Nilesh Cabral.  

“Both the Goa and Delhi governments to discuss sex-trafficking as it is major issue in both places,” he said.  

The ARZ NGO is appointed by Goa Police as the nodal NGO of the anti-human trafficking unit of the police. Arz said Delhi is developing as a major source of sex trafficking and there is a need for the government there to take steps in collaboration with the Goa government to prevent trafficking and provide rehabilitation to rescued victims.   

“I hope that the present governments in Delhi and Goa debate about sex trafficking and come out with solutions,” Arz director Arun Pandey told TOI. 

He said that he believes that one of the important components of good governance is welfare of its citizens, especially of the exploited, the underprivileged, the stigmatised and the marginalised. Victims of sex trafficking are one of the important groups which require support, protection and rehabilitation.   

“With the aim to prevent sex trafficking from Delhi to Goa, Arz had submitted a detailed report to the chief minister of Delhi and the Delhi commission for women (DCW) for necessary action, in July 2016, and in the last four years we have not seen any difference,” he said. 

Pandey also said that a report published by Arz in 2019 regarding sex trafficking shows that, since the report was submitted to the Delhi government, the number of girls rescued by Goa police has increased from 4% to 10%. 

“There has not been much difference regarding psycho-social and livelihood services in Delhi. Arz has to still depend on the NGOs in Delhi for rehabilitation and protection of the victims from Delhi rescued in Goa,” Pandey said. 

He also said that in the past they have shared with DCW the ‘Swift Wash model’ for the rehabilitation of victims of sex trafficking in Delhi. The model refers to a fully mechanised laundry unit in Sancoale for providing employment to victims of commercial sexual exploitation. 

“Chairperson Swati Maliwal had visited Swift Wash, but it appears that no concrete steps have been taken to set up centres or formulate schemes to provide livelihood to the rescued victims from Delhi, which is one of the reasons for re-trafficking,” Pandey said.

(With the help of Inputs from The Times of India) 

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