Finally, the Transparency in Recruitment Process for Government Jobs in Goa will Eliminate the Quota System of Ministers and MLAs

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant seems to be bringing big reforms in state politics and administration. The new decision of his to withdraw the advertisement inviting application for the jobs in the various Government departments and keeping it on the hold till new Goa Staff Selection Commission Bill (GSSCB) is passed by the Legislative Assembly will surely bring new hope for many Goans who does not have the blessings of any Ministers and MLAs.

There was a time when people used to queue up in front of the residences of MLAs and Ministers in the hope of getting government jobs, but soon all this practice will come to an end as the Goa’s dynamic CM Pramod Sawant have started bringing many reforms into the politics and administration of Goa.

His latest reform will remove the “Quota” system of MLAs and Ministers for the Government Jobs and the same will lead to end the discretion that a minister had in employment in his or her department. This will bring more transparency in the process and more eligible candidates will get the opportunities.    

This move comes 10 days after the start of the recruitment process at the Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMC) in Bambolim which saw thousands of job seekers queuing up for job applications. It is now unclear whether the process will still be valid, or will be rendered null and void.


As per sources at the Goan, Health Secretary Nila Mohanan IAS did not respond to a query on whether the GMC selection process would be scrapped or go on as per schedule. Health Minister Vishwajit Rane told The Goan that the Chief Minister would decide on the fate of the GMC recruitment.   

Dean of GMC Dr. Shivanand Bandekar said that he had received nothing official in writing with regards to the ongoing application process at the topmost hospital of the State. “Several people came to collect the application forms today,” Dr. Bandekar told The Goan, adding that since Health Minister Vishwajit Rane had announced that the forms would be made available online and for free, several people had also gone to collect their refund of Rs 50 on Tuesday. The forms were made available

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on last Friday directed all government recruitment processes for ‘group C’ posts to be handled by the Staff Selection Commission, the law for which was passed in the legislature’s monsoon session.   

The Staff Selection Commission Bill, 2019, was passed in the monsoon session of the Goa legislative assembly has already been notified following the Governor’s assent.  

The confusion comes in because of a note by the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to all secretaries stating that a new staff selection commission will carry out the recruitment process.

The Chief Minister had stated that all advertisements following the staff selection bill that was passed in the monsoon legislative Assembly are “required to be withdrawn immediately.”   

The system that was followed by all governments until now gave way to corruption. In the past – distant and near – there have been a number of allegations of corruption involving ministers, their children and their supporters offering jobs in return for a consideration.

All that should now stop and a youth who is qualified and competent should stand an excellent chance of making it to the final list of employees. 

The news may put a damper on the spirits of those thousands who had already applied for the posts that will be withdrawn but will come as a ray of hope to many others who stand a chance of a government job by virtue of their merit, which the Commission is expected to recognize and reward.

The Commission is expected to be apolitical and its decisions cannot be questioned. It will have to also work in such a manner so as to not attract allegations.

Sawant’s decision can be hailed as bold; especially since forms for certain posts had already been collected by aspirants. This may delay the recruitment process, but if this will increase efficiency in government, whereby departments get qualified and proficient staff, why should anyone complain?

It should encourage local youth to aspire for a government job, rather than entering the competition with the sinking feeling that the process had been compromised by political powers.

Such transparency in government recruitment was overdue, and though promised by previous chief ministers, was never delivered. Sawant has done well; the Staff Selection Commission that will be appointed cannot let down the people.

Sources: The Goan | Heraldo

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