Finally, Goa CM Announces 15 Days Statewide Lockdown; Essential Services Remains Unaffected

Statewide Lockdown in Goa

Finally, after the pressure from the opposition and meetings with the all-party members the Goa CM has made the announcement of 15 days statewide lockdown. The details on the lockdown will be made available by tomorrow said CM. 

Although CM still did not use the word lockdown even this time calling it statewide curfew for the next 15 days starting from 9th May and concluding on 23rd May 2021. 

There was an all-party meeting attended by all the MLAs via Video Conferencing yesterday about the implementation of the lockdown to cut the chain of Covid and after the pressure from all the MLAs and the call from the people of Goa the CM has decided to. force the lockdown in there state. 

When asked about tourism he said that tourists will be allowed in the state only on the condition of Covid negative test and vaccination certificates. 

CM also assured that the essential services and groceries will be excluded from the lockdown saying that the state-level curfew will be implemented from Sunday 6 am. “All the essential services and groceries will remain open from 7 am to 1 pm across the state and Only Takeaway Kitchens “Not Restaurants” will be allowed to remain open from 7 am to 7 pm,” said CM adding that the detailed order will be available for public by tomorrow 4 pm. 

He also said that there won’t be any functions allowed and those are permitted earlier will remains as stand canceled from Sunday onwards as the people of Goa have not been following the SOPs. 

“People don’t care about the SOPs and they move out without any reasons, but now if anyone found moving out without valid reasons the police will take appropriate actions against them,” he added. 

CM also mentioned that around 96 percent of deaths reported in Goa are of those who did not take vaccines. “Goa has a recovery rate of nearly 74 percent as the state government is making all the efforts but people of Goa are not cooperating,” he said. 

According to CM demanding the lockdown is easy but not easy and practical and “As ahead of the state it’s my duty to look at the welfare of the people but people do not understand, if they had to take precautions we would not have reached to this stage. People need to take care of themselves by staying at home,” he added.  

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