Finally, AAP Supremo Announced the Chief Ministerial Candidate for Goa in Public Rally at Cuncolim


The long-awaited suspense finally came to an end with the announcement of the Chief Ministerial candidate for Goa by the AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal in a Public Rally at Cuncolim in South Goa. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal put a full stop to all the speculations by announcing the name of  Mr. Elvis Gomes, the former bureaucrat, for the Chief Minister’s Post in Goa. Kejriwal was addressing the huge gathering of the crowd at Cuncolim in South Goa as part of his pre-election promotion campaign on the occasion of Goa Liberation day.

According to the sources, Goa is considered to be as a fertile soil for the AAP after the complete failure of ruling party to deliver what it promised before coming into the power. The growing corruption level in the state is also considered as the most potential grounds for the AAP to set up their base in Goa. According to the reports published by the NDTV The Aam Aadmi Party has announced that former bureaucrat Elvis Gomes will be its Chief Ministerial candidate in Goa, where assembly elections will be held next year. After Delhi, this is the second place where Arvind Kejriwal’s Party has taken the plunge in assembly polls.

Mr. Kejriwal while speaking in the public rally took direct potshots at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a highly corrupt politician. He stated that he has a written proof of the bribes taken by the Prime Minister, while he was the CM of Gujarat from various corporate houses. He said that the Demonetisation is also the part of fleeing the corporates by letting their huge loans written off. People were shouting the anti-Modi slogans in the background while Mr. Kejriwal’s speech was in progress.

According to the sources, the name of Mr. Gomes was very much expected in for the CM’s post but Mr. Kejriwal made the formal announcement and put the full stop to all the speculations. Mr. Gomes was a government servant before joining the politics. His last position before the resignation was IG (Prisons). He had taken the voluntary retirement from his government job in the month of July this year to join AAP. Most of the candidates selected by the AAP are the fresh faces in the political circle and considered to have clean backgrounds.

Initially, AAP was not that popular in Goa but now it looks like they are the one who would give very tough competition to the ruling BJP party in the forthcoming elections. According to Mr. Kejriwal, BJP, MGP and Congress are the same people with similar ideologies and people need to vote them out in the forthcoming elections and make the AAP majority winner in Goa. “Mr. Gomes is well versed with ins and outs of the administration and he is the right candidate for CM’s post in Goa,” said Mr. Kejriwal adding that we will not compromise on corruption. People had voted for BJP in the last assembly election to ousted the most corrupt Congress and now they will do the same with BJP and bring AAP for corruption free administration in Goa.


The campaign of AAP, which is also contesting elections in Punjab, is headed by Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and health minister Satyendra Jain in BJP-ruled Goa. Mr. Kejriwal is personally leading the crucial Punjab campaign. Among AAP’s promises for Goa is a closure of casinos that draw as many tourists as the famed beaches of Goa. Mr. Kejriwal has said the Congress and the BJP have been unable to shut the casinos as their leaders are engaged in the business.


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