FC Goa may face disciplinary actions from ISL – AIFF & ISL Reports

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The FC Goa’s boycott on prize distribution ceremony, the attack on the officials and arrest of Ex-Manchester city star player Elano would go long way and may cost dear to FC Goa as the ISL (Indian Super League) and AIFF (All India Football Federation) has taken the serious note of the issue and is in process of initiating disciplinary actions against the local team.

The last moment victory of Chennaiyin FC over FC Goa with 3-2 reportedly went to create scuffle between the FC Goa owner and Chennaiyin FC captain Elano which resulted into the arrest of Elano. Subsequent to the unfortunate event, the FC Goa decided to boycott the prize distribution ceremony and according to the sources, the officials of ISL were also been blamed for this event. Now the above acts have been summed up into the big bundle of trouble which is very difficult to break.

According to the sources, the AIFF president Praful Patel has taken a serious cognizance of the incident and called it shocking and shameful. He tweeted that “ISL will not tolerate any indiscipline and the protection of international players and referees has to be matching the standard of FIFA guidelines.”  The ISL committee has also taken the note of the “Adverse Comments” and “Dispute in Results” and the same will be referred to the ISL disciplinary committee.


According to the sources, one of the senior officials from ISL said, “Whatever happened was shameful. That should not have happened. It amounted into giving the bad name to Indian football and these things could potentially scare off good players and referees. If a player can be arrested for what happened on the field and match officials can be assaulted after the match, why would anyone worth his name come to India.” The sources also revealed that the AIFF would have taken the disciplinary actions on Monday itself but due to the non-availability of match commissioner A K Mamukoya it has got delayed.

It’s time to wait and watch as what action ISL & AIFF is going to take against the FC Goa. But according to most of the national as well as international media, whatever happened was not good at all and the ripples of the same will be going to remain for a long time in the media. Should you have any comments and suggestions please do leave at the end of this article.

Source: Various Sources

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