Famous Artist Shireen Mody Murdered at Her Goa Residence, Suspected Gardner Also Found Dead

Shireen Mody

Shirin Mody, an artist was living in Goa for the past three decades and her along with her daughter Saffron Weihl was running a studio at Arpora in North Goa. Being a very social person many people know Ms. Mody in Goa and her death has come as a shock to all of them.    

She was found murdered on Sunday at the backyard of her residence and the suspected gardener who supposed to have killed Ms. Mody was also found dead around fifty meters away from her body. Goa Police is investigating the case from all the angles to find out what exactly happened but there is nothing much to investigate as both the accused and victim are dead. 

The eyewitnesses and neighbours have some stories about what exactly might have happened but there is no concrete evidence available expect for the speculations. According to the reports, Ms. Mody who is an artist from Mumbai was running a studio at Arpora in North Goa for the past three decades.

The reason behind the murder is not known but according to the neighbours, there were contact verbal spats between Ms. Mody and Gardner Jana, a native of Assam. 


According to the report published in the Indian Express, Goa-based artist Shireen Mody died on Sunday following an assault by her gardener Praphul Jana at her residence, police said. While escaping after the assault, Jana collapsed and suffered serious injuries, leading to his death, they said. According to police, preliminary investigation suggests that Jana held an old grudge against Mody.

On Sunday, Mody was getting ready to leave for a brunch when Jana, the gardener allegedly called her to a shed behind her home at Arpora Vegas Vaddo in Anjuna. Senior Police Inspector Navlesh Dessai said an altercation is believed to have taken place between Mody and Jana during which the latter hit the artist with an iron rod.

“There are other guests in the house as few rooms were rented out,” said Dessai, “but when the incident happened it took a few seconds for the others to find her as she had been called to the shed behind.”

Police have recovered CCTV footage which shows Jana escaping after he hit Mody.

Jana is believed to have fled by jumping a fence, though he reportedly fell at a spot close to home. According to IGP, Jaspal Singh, a fallen Jana asked a passerby to go and check on Mody.

“He has told the eyewitness ‘Take care of her. I will be ok.’ We are including that as the last statement from Jana,” said Singh.

Singh added, “It’s a very unfortunate incident. We will be filing charges, but here the judgment might not reach the trial like other cases, as both are dead. In this case, we are looking at an abatement charge sheet.”

SP, North Goa Utkrisht Prasoon said, “We have established that when Jana escaped, he did not have any injury on him. He seems to have got wounded at the spot where he collapsed after what seems like a fit. We have asked for the postmortem report to ascertain the cause of his death.”

Both, Mody and Jana, were rushed to two separate hospitals and were declared dead at the medical facility. Their bodies will be handed over to respective families after postmortem. Jana, a 65-year-old from Assam, was living at Mody’s home for three years. Mody, an OCI cardholder from Mumbai, settled in Goa over three decades ago.

At the house, named Saffron Wiehl, the police were busy taking statements of maids and other residents. The incident occurred at the Mody residence at Arpora Vegas Vaddo which comes under the Arpora Nagoa Panchayat and the Anjuna Police.

Source: Indian Express

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