Families of The Tourist Died in Goa Writes An Open Letter To Narendra Modi Accusing The Complicity Of Goa Police

According to the records, more than two hundred foreigners have died in Goa’s four major districts in the past 12 years and surprisingly there are several similarities in all those cases of the death under mysterious circumstances. Till date, none of the cases have been solved and the complicity of Goa Police in the cases had been alleged. The death of an Irish backpacker Danielle McLaughlin is the most recent one followed by the mysterious death of Scarlett Keeling in Anjuna.

According to the sources, the Devon teenager Scarlett Keeling’s mother have joined bereaved kin of nine others who died under mysterious circumstances in Goa to wrote a joint letter to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, demanding the justice. In the letter, apparently, they had also accused the Goa Police of covering up of the matter.

All the ten families have jointly written the letter to the Indian Prime Minister demanding the justice had been couriered to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) with the title ‘Murdered in Goa Since 2005’ with the accusation on Goa Police for covering up the matters. “Police are resistant to solving these cases and those who are responsible for murder remain at liberty to reoffend…” the families have written.


The only thing that bereaved families asking from Prime Minister about carrying out the comprehensive and unbiased investigations in all the cases and punish the culprits, said the sources. “We fervently request a commission led by Supreme Court Judge to analyze the investigations of the deaths of Caitanya Holt, Felix Dahl, James Durkin, Kyle Arndt, Scarlett Keeling, Denyse Sweeney, Stephen Bennett, Martin Neighbour, Michael Harvey and Jonathan Burbank to ensure a proper, unbiased and comprehensive investigation to reveal the truth about their deaths.


According to the sources, the families of the 10 foreigner tourists who died in Goa under mysterious circumstances have finally come together to take up the matter with the highest authority in India. In the letter written by them, it has been mentioned that Goa Police has not done the proper investigations in all the cases. “The quality of the work of the police in Goa should be investigated. Instead of investigating the murders and killings, the local police want to cover up the truth,” states the letter.             


Minna Pirhonen, mother of Felix Dahl who died in Goa in 2015 and is also a part of the team that drafted the letter to the PM, said, “We have sent the letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ask for an investigation into the way police in Goa has handled the investigation of these deaths. Many cases have not been investigated at all, in others, the investigation was done to show that nothing suspicious was found even in the case when the death itself was suspicious.”      

She further stated that they had a receipt that their letter was delivered to the PMO on May 25. According to an RTI reply accessed by a local activist in support of relatives of several of the deceased, 245 foreigners have died in Goa in the last 12 years.

Responding to reports based on the RTI reply, state tourism minister Manohar Azgaonkar issued a release stating, “We have set the agenda for tourism in Goa, with safety and security of tourists being the No 1 priority for the tourism department.”           

The release added, “The Goa government through the home department is augmenting budgets for improving safety and security measures in the state keeping in mind the tourism industry and the importance of providing a safe holiday for tourists visiting Goa.”


Once the reply from PMO office come the issue will get more clear whether the police willing to reinvestigate all the matters once again and will the culprits going to get punished at the end of the day still remains the mystery. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestion on this issue.



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